Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alert! Immigration Bill Back on Senate Floor Next Week!

Alert! Immigration Bill Back on Senate Floor Next Week!

Another attempt to “snooker” the American public is scheduled for mid week, next week and the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, is said to be preparing to bring the “Immigration Bill” back to the Senate floor for debate.

The latest ruse… $4.4 billion in added border security spending to be added to the bill, supposedly to make it more palatable to those of us who see it for what it is… an Amnesty Bill.

Read the article at Fox News for the details. Go Here:

Time to get the e-mail humming to your Senators again. Phone calls work well, too. Faxes are also important.

We were fairly sure it was premature to declare the death of the Immigration Bill, last week. And sure enough, here it comes again. We have no choice but to man the barricades once again.

Isn’t there something very sad and very telling when the people of a country have to “force” their own government to respond to the wishes of their people? Isn’t it telling as to how far we have traveled down the road toward “totalitarian government”? Have we learned anything??? I doubt it!

“Once more, into the breach”, Conservatives !!!

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