Thursday, June 14, 2007

The "FUBAR" that is The Iraq War !

The US Military Needs a Housecleaning!
The US Military needs a house cleaning! I mean… we need to purge the US Military… specifically the US Army and the Marine Corp (the two services I like to refer to as the "Fighting Forces") of all the paper pushing, Yale and Harvard degreed, “Parade Ground Generals” and install some “by-God-Fighting-Men” in those positions!

I watched the news reports of the Lap Dog Generals making their way to Congress and fawning over that bunch of Old Hippies and Flower Children from the “sixties”, who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, and it is purely disgusting!

Look, you can’t win a war by pushing paper! You don’t win wars by kissing the collective rear ends of Congress. You win wars by killing as many of the enemy as you can, as often as you can, and breaking everything that belongs to him, at every opportunity! THAT is NOT what we are doing in IRAQ!

We need to throw out the new SecDef. and install a Fighting General. We’d probably have to borrow a REAL fighting General from Israel to get one, but so be it. As a matter of fact, maybe we ought to look into the possibility of leasing the IDF for a few weeks to clean up the mess the Pentagon, the President, and the piss poor generals we have in charge, have made.

Look, I’m a veteran. I was probably the worst soldier the US Army ever had. But, I learned. I learned that to win ears … the first thing you have to do is…fight the war! You don’t continue to prop-up your enemy. When in doubt…. shoot ‘em! Let God sort them out!

We need to begin looking in the ranks of the Colonels, in today’s services, and see if there are some fighting men there. If they are… promote them to generalships and get the armed forces off their collective arse and into a so-nuff fight! The Privates, Spec- 4’s, Sergeants, the Warrants, the Lt.s, Captains, Majors, and even a few Colonels are ready to fight, but I have become convinced, of late, they have no leadership at the top of those services! It’s sorta like taking a finely tuned football team, placing them on the field with the opposing team, and then the coach locks himself in the locker room! There is no leadership!

We desperately need a George Patton, a Nathan B. Forrest, a Bobby Lee, a John Singleton Mosby, and a… hell, ANYBODY who can F-I-G-H-T!

And another thing… get the lawyers off the battlefield and out of the planning rooms and as far from those who devise strategy as is humanly possible.

Frustrated? You bet, I’m frustrated! There is no excuse for the mess we have in Iraq! None! We have the finest military in the world! What that military apparently DOES NOT have is LEADERSHIP! FIGHTING LEADERSHIP! We should have gone through Iraq, as Patton would say, “like crap through a goose!” Why didn’t we? The primary cause was too few troops on the ground. Air power is a wonderful thing, but you win wars with boots on the ground! If war planners decide we need 200,000 troops to pacify an area, put 400, 000 in. It’s called “Overpowering Force”. Completely overrun the country. Overpowering Force means fewer causalities and the will to resist is smothered in the enemy. We didn’t do either.

I spoke with a gentleman, yesterday, who had three sons in the US military. He lost one son, in action in Iraq, last year, and the other two are about to begin their THIRD deployment to Iraq. There is no excuse for this. We are dragging out a “piss-ant conflict” that could have, and should have, been over in weeks!

Yes, I’m upset with the war in Iraq. But not for the popular reasons! I’m upset because we are NOT FIGHTING A War! We’re sort of playing around at fighting a war. We’re placating the enemy. We’re “Nation Building”. Have we deluded ourselves into thinking we can seduce a people who have just graduated from living in tents, in the desert, into creating a democratic nation???? Are we nuts??? Apparently! If we succeed, on the surface, as the last US troops leave, chaos will reign, once again, in that land… as it always has.

We should have gone in, taken down their cities, taken down their infrastructure, taken down whatever government they had, laid waste to the land, seized the oil fields, and, in general, raised havoc! We didn’t. And as a result, we get no respect from them, and they don’t even fear us,

What a mess! If you are familiar with the acronym: FUBAR, you understand exactly how I feel about the Iraqi mess!

So what to do? Frankly, we’ll have to start over! Yeah, I know, it’s crazy! Have the troops stand down, pull them back to, oh, say, Kuwait. Fire all the generals in charge now. Rest the troops up for 30 days, then invade Iraq once again with a whole new set of Generals who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, who don’t mind doing whatever it takes to pacify that place. Whatever it takes!

Is it going to happen? Of course not!

I feel sorry for our troops. They’ll have that millstone around their necks the remainder of their lives.


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TexasFred said...

You'd better be careful, you're making perfect sense, and the 'higher ups' just won't like that...

Longstreet said...

Yeah, I know, Fred. I'm an ole Army Vet, too.

Best regards to you on Flag Day!


Frank said...

Well the misleadership starts white inside the Oval Office; with a plan now to arm the "Sunnis" the enemy of the Shiite's who we installed as leaders? So now we are basically arming both sides in a civil war, are they hoping that their hatred for the bungling occupiers (Bush's troops) will unite them? I mean what the hell is Bush thinking? Well we know that obviously he isn't thinking or he would have never invaded and occupied Iraq in such an obviously imperialistic and Hitler-esk move.