Friday, June 15, 2007

Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemies!

Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemies!
Now that I have your attention…………….. I’m a conservative! So, why am I saying such a thing about that portion of the political spectrum to which, I, myself, belong?

Well, that’s what this article is about. I think I have come upon the reason conservatives have such terrible problems in Washington DC and in State legislatures as well

Now, it doesn’t take a genius, or a PHD in Political Science to see what is so obvious to those of us who follow politics, not just in the US, but also in the world.
Conservatives do a less than poor job of governing, less than a poor job of legislating, and they/we are horrible at delivering eloquent speeches. Well, ANY speeches, of any kind are, expectedly butchered by conservatives (at least 99% of conservatives, anyway) … IF the topic is politics.

Surely, you cannot say that you have not noticed this. Surely, I am not alone in my theory that Conservatives are far, far, far worse at the game of politics than liberals.

Since a teen-ager, when I began public speaking competition, I became aware of the power a speaker had over his audience. He can bring them to their feet in ecstasy, or have them weeping in the aisles in deep, deep, sorrow… IF he knows his craft. And therein lies the secret to why liberals are better at politics than conservatives.

Simply put, it is a LUST for power over others… power over one’s fellow human beings.

The Conservative, on the other hand, simply wants to mind his own business, not yours, and doesn’t care a wit what your business is… as long as it isn’t meddling in his!

Top notch Conservatives don’t run for political office. They run Corporations, businesses, small and large, and generally have a disdain of government because it is intrusive in their businesses and even in their family lives. Conservatives resent government. We suffer government only for the sake of good order. And that’s about it.

So, when you see a group of politicians in your State Legislature and certainly in the National Legislature, in Washington, doing a most ineffective job, remember… they do not represent the Conservative “A”-Team. At best, they are the “B”-team. The “A”-Team is out running the businesses, which make America possible in the first place.

Conservatives do not make good politicians. It is what we least like to do. Those who do stoop to politics find themselves easily outflanked by the liberals who live it, and breathe it. Why, the Liberals have college degrees in Political Science. They have trained, from the cradle up, how to manipulate their fellowman, how to grasp the reins of power, with a death grip, and steer their society in the way THEY would have that society go. And… their actions are the primary cause of the Conservative disdain for the entire world of politics.

Now, you know!

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cube said...

Same with journalists. Conservatives are in the minority because the jobs are hard to come by if you're not a lib.