Saturday, June 09, 2007

Note to my Senators on the Amnesty Bill

Not satisfied to sit back and wait and see whether the Amnesty Bill is revived in the next few days, I fired off a letter to both U S Senators of the North Carolina delegation. At least they will know how I feel on the issue! Below is the text of the e-mail is sent to my Senators:

Dear Senator:

I cannot express my anger at the efforts of the US Senate, and our current President, to pass the “Amnesty Bill” into law… against the wishes of the American People. Our country is being invaded by the largest land invasion in the history of mankind and my government is doing nothing to stop it.

Senator, I must tell you now… I have been a life long registered Republican, since my 21st birthday in South Carolina. I am now 66 years old and I WILL NOT continue as a Republican if the Republicans in the Senate don’t turn this bill back and get serious about sealing our southern border before ANYTHING else is considered. I have already contacted the NC State Board of Elections concerning changing my registration to Independent. I cannot stay in a political party, which so ignores the pleas of its constituents the way the Republican Party is doing.

The word out this weekend is that the President, and the other senators, who support the Amnesty Bill, will meet, early next week, to attempt to revive that abomination of a bill. Senator, I am asking you, as your constituent, a Republican constituent, not to join in with those attempts to revive the bill and further, do everything in your power to see that it is stopped for good.

And, Senator … please pass along the following to the other Senators: if this amnesty bill, and that is exactly what it is, is passed, the Senators (and Congressmen) voting FOR the Bill will be vigorously campaigned AGAINST their next election.

I’m on the Internet everyday speaking with other Conservatives, all over this country, and we are fed up with the way the Bush Administration and the current crop of GOP Senators, and Congresspersons, have totally ignored us, especially on the Amnesty Bill.

Senator, it has been a very long time since something has touched me, and angered me, as much as the Amnesty Bill. I see my country being taken over, and it’s greatness being tarnished, and I HAVE to speak up.

I assure you, Senator that I, and those of the same mind as I, will not give up the fight. Plus, we will remember “who” voted “how” come next election. If the GOP thinks the 2006 election was bad, wait ‘til 2008. Conservatives will stay home in droves.

Please DO NOT SUPPORT the Immigration Amnesty Bill!


This what we have to do, folks! We have to let them know, in numbers to huge to ignore, that what they are doing is absolutely against the wishes of their constituents!

We must be careful not to allow ourselves to be lulled into a false sense that the Amnesty Bill is dead. It is NOT! We must be wary… and stay one step ahead of our own representatives to the nation’s legislature.

Who would have ever thought that here, in America, the citizens would have to teach the government what it means to be a Representative Republic. But, that is where we are with the unresponsive government we have in power now.

So, come on, folks! Let’s hold their feet to the fire! Let them know exactly how you feel. Don’t give them an easy way out. This used to be your country and my country. Upon close inspection, one will find that it still is. But not for long… if we don’t stop the Amnesty Bill!

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