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Are We Importing Slaves, or Serfs, by Continuing to Allow the Flood of Illegal Immigration?

Are We Importing Slaves, or Serfs, by Continuing to Allow the Flood of Illegal Immigration?

Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed the Mainstream Media seems to have dropped the word “illegal” when writing a story about illegal immigrants. I have noticed that the MsM is referring to them as strictly “immigrants”, not “illegal immigrants” as they actually are. Now, this is not surprising to those of us who have been a part of the media, and been media watchers, for a few decades.

It is depressing, however, to note that the media, so many American receive their information from, is so utterly biased. It’s not so much that I am concerned over their bias, as I am concerned because they continue to lie about it and swear there is no bias in their reporting.

The New York Times owns my own regional newspaper. Now, one would expect it to be biased toward the left of the political spectrum … and one would be correct. It is slightly to the left of the old Soviet Union tome, “Pravda”. But, will they admit it, heck no! But there it is, everyday, in black and white, for everyone to see.

The broadcast networks are much the same way. Their choice of words and choice of video, and photos, gets their bias passed on to their viewers in a nice neat bundle. Frankly, Fox News Channel is the only truly Conservative network on TV in America. Yet, they will not admit it, either. I would much prefer that newspaper place a huge “L” or a huge “R”, in a circle, toward the top of their front pages to denote what their political bias is. That would tell me all I really need to know. If Fox News Channel would drop the “Fair and Balanced” logo and just say something like: “Your source for the Conservative view of the news”, I would be much happier with them.

Ok, so I am dreaming, and NO, I won’t hold my breath until that happens.

May I suggest you alert your children to the propaganda they will be facing daily as they grow up. Introduce them to a live broadcast of a conservative speaking on TV. Then have them watch the anchor’s analysis of what that conservative said. That will open their eyes!

Many years ago, I had my, then teen-age, daughter view a Reagan speech with me and then view the broadcast network anchor’s analysis of what President Reagan said. My daughter turned to me, her eyes wide, and said, “Daddy, that is NOT what the President said”! I smiled and remarked that she now knew what propaganda was and what left wing bias looked, and sounded like, in the Main Stream Media in America. She is now a medical professional woman with a couple of degrees, a husband and two small children, and she has never forgotten that important lesson.

We have a culture in this country, which has been molded by the media into a culture of mediocrity. We no longer strive for the best in ourselves. Why? Because we have been told, and taught, by the media that being “average” is good enough! The sad truth is… average nations don’t last long!

Look, this nation is only 231 years old! In the grand scheme of things including the history of nations on this globe, the US is still a child, having not reached puberty yet. And already we are on a downward slide into obscurity, or as Reagan called it the “dust bin of history”. Liberalism has stripped the dignity of self-dependence and hard world from us and made us into a socialist welfare state. Welfare states never, I repeat never, make their mark on world history. They are, forever, simply a note in the margins of history. That is where we are headed and our national leaders are more than happy to grease the skids with their “National Nanny” schemes.

And now the US is importing a slave culture, or a “serf" culture (if that is more acceptable to your sensitivities). The Mexicans, the Latinos, have become the lowest class in America… and we are actually importing them by allowing them to cross illegally into our territory. By doing this we are once again demonstrating our national government’s approval of slavery. (Call it Serfdom if it makes you feel better.)

"But, Longstreet", you say, "you are being too harsh calling the importation of illegal labor “slavery”!"

Oh, am I? Gee. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Hey, I’m a conservative and conservatism deals in reality, not Nirvana.

We are importing a ready-made underclass, which will become wards of the government as soon as they cross into US territory. Being a ward of the government means two things: You and I will have to support them and take care of their needs, and it also means… the liberal government will guarantee the wards pay them back for all this national largesse by keeping them in office with their votes!

Beginning to see the big picture here?

Look, it boils down to this: the GOP wants the cheap labor and the Dems want the cheap votes! That is the bottom line. Always follow the money!

As the US still pays for the last batch of slaves we brought into the country, you’d have thought we learned something. Apparently not!


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Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed the Mainstream Media seems to have dropped the word “illegal” when writing a story about illegal immigrants.
The pc term is ‘economic migrants.’ Or so the government tells me!

“It is depressing, however, to note that the media, so many American receive their information from, is so utterly biased.”

Longstreet - look on the bright side. Imagine if you were legally obliged to fund ABC, similar to the situation here were I must fund the BBC - $268.38 per year at todays exchange rate.

Longstreet said...

We DO fund PBS (Public Broadcasting System) from taxes. I have no idea how it breaks down per taxpayer, though. It is, arguable, as biased as BBC. I watch PBS... as we say down south "right regular" about once or twice a decade! Most of it's programmimg is duplicated on other cable channels which haven't as much left-wing bias.

If we get the next prsident I expect we will, we are going to go more socialistic even faster than the current trend. Mrs. Clinton is a flat-out socialist. I am very afraid she is going to be the next President of the US. I'm certain of it... if we, in the opposition, don't produce a candidate OTHER that the crowd of clowns we have running right now... from BOTH sides.

May God have mercy!


Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

I forgot about PBS. I am now blessed, or cursed, with numerous news channels, NBC, CNN, Fox all day and CBS in the evening. Along with news broadcasts from the neighbors, I also receive Russian and Chinese news (in English) and Al Jezerra. Now these are dismal, if you think some of the national broadcasters in Europe have an anti-US stance, what China, Russia etc…says about the West is really worrying. I don’t think we are on their Christmas card list anymore.

If / when Ms.Clinton becomes President I hope you have very deep pockets!


Opinionnation said...

importing slave labor.

I never thought of it that way. -that's a good angle to look at it from.

Longstreet said...

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Here’s what they are saying:

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So, in the meantime, I have opened an account at Word Press. The website address to my Blog there is:

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