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Tighter Borders, Smaller Government, and Lower Taxes= Fred Thompson !

Tighter Borders, Smaller Government, and Lower Taxes = Fred Thompson!

One of the jokes floating around these days says that “Fred Thompson glared at the Mexican border and illegal immigration stopped for a whole month!” Well, he CAN

Let’s understand something straightaway. We Conservatives are not looking at Fred Thompson as another Ronald Reagan, as we are being accused of by the Leftists. No, it’s unfortunate, but Reagan was one of a kind. There will never be another. However, what he stood for has been, is now, and always will be, the core belief of the Conservative movement in America. What we are being sold now as the “new conservatism” in Washington DC, and by the GOP in particular, is BUNK! It is a lot of things but it is not conservatism in any form. And the plain truth is, we Conservatives want none of it.

The GOP has fielded a covey of candidates who are either too weak to carry a national ballot, or, are moderates and liberals. The front-runners, at the moment, are “knock-off democrats”, plain and simply. In fact, there are a number of democrats more conservative than McCain, Giuliani, or Romney! (Zell Miller for instance!)

Now comes Fred Thompson, a conservative. A real conservative. Where do you think the conservative movement in America will place its support? You’ve got it!

Understand, Thompson is not as conservative as I, personally, would like. But he beats the GOP field by a mile! Many conservatives have already decided to sit the ’08 election out, if a Conservative is not the candidate of the Republican Party. I WILL vote, but it will be a write-in … and I will write-in a conservative’s name.

Thompson is slowly and methodically making preparations to join the fight. If rumors can be believed, July 4th will be the day of the official announcement. If so, the entire dynamics of the 2008 election will change instantly. Passion will enter the campaign in the form of conservatives from the right. The heat will be turned up considerably. So far we have hung back because we had no horse in the race. Once Thompson enters… that changes. We will become engaged.

Once again we will hear strong voices, from the right, declaring we must tighten the borders, lower taxes, make the government smaller. The mantra of: pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, pro-military will be heard again, in the land, instead of the mealy-mouth platitudes we have been receiving from our “so-called leaders” in the GOP.

Look, the plain and simple truth is: Mrs. Bill Clinton will be the 2008 Democrat Candidate for President. She will have a socialist agenda. Most likely Barack Obama will be her vice-presidential candidate. That is certainly the way it is stacking up today.

The GOP is dead in the water with any of the candidates now in the field. One reason the GOP is floundering… the lack of support from the conservative movement on the right. The RNC doesn’t like to admit that… but there it is. They cannot win without us!

Finally, when this presidential election is done, no matter how it shakes out, the Conservative Movement in America seriously needs to find another home. It should be well known by now that the GOP does not welcome us.

I have called for the formation of a Conservative Party, as such, and with THAT name! The Republican Party is going the way of the Whigs. It’s over, save for the last gasps. Now is the time for Conservatives to create a new home. A home “By Conservatives, For Conservatives and Of Conservatives”! I’m tired of being the red-headed-step-child of the Republican Party!

In the meantime, support the Conservative candidates. Thompson is a conservative candidate!


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Jim Robinson said...

During his eight years in the Senate, Thompson won his free trade credentials with his votes to extend the president's fast-track trade promotion authority and to approve permanent trading relations with China. One right-wing critic in a widely circulated internet column called Thompson a "neocon globalist" for his immigration, free trade, and foreign policy positions.
Social conservatives are also likely to question Thompson's "liberal" voting record on immigration. Although Thompson has recently written and spoken out about the need for strong border control, while in the Senate he voted to increase visas for skilled foreign workers and to increase permits for unskilled foreign farm workers. Overall, Americans for Better Immigration, an anti-immigration lobbying group, gives Thompson a career grade of C for his mixed voting record. Thompson will likely come under withering criticism from anti-immigrant candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), who mixes his social conservatism with a heavy dose of nationalism and anti-corporate populism.

TexasFred said...

Jim Robinson said... "Although Thompson has recently written and spoken out about the need for strong border control, while in the Senate he voted to increase visas for skilled foreign workers and to increase permits for unskilled foreign farm workers."
And there's something wrong with Visas and Permits??

That is called LEGAL immigration, and I, and no Conservatives that I know, have ANY problem with that, it's the ILLEGALS, the unstemmed flow OF illegals that is the issue, had it not been for LEGAL immigration my grandfather may not have come here from Canada, and that would have been a hell of a loss for the Conservatives today, I might be a French Canuck that hates the USA...


Longstreet said...

Way to go, Fred! I have no problem with LEGAL Immigration! (Within reason, of course!)

But the flow across the Mexican/US Border has gone way past immigration. It is now an INVASION!

Best regards,