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Seal the US Southern Border... NOW!

(This Article ran first in Decemeber of 2005!)
Seal the US Southern Border… NOW!
Well, well, well, Mexico is offended that we are going put up a wall along our southern border to stop them from breaking and entering our, I repeat, OUR country!

The utter gall of Mexico is astounding! They have been using the US as their very own welfare department. US dollars flowing south across the border, carried in the pockets of Mexican illegals, has sustained that country for entirely too long. It is way past time for the US to pull the plug.

I’m tired of the invasion of our country from the south. If the wall doesn’t stop them, sew the adjacent fields with anti-personnel mines. Harsh, you’re darned right it’s harsh! We can’t seem to get the message through their government’s skull that we want it stopped. And stopped now!

Not only does the Mexican government not make any effort to stop it, they encourage the illegal crossing of the border into OUR country. The government of Mexico may have to be reminded of just how often we have found it necessary to send our military down there to get their attention. I must tell you, anti- Mexican feelings are such, currently, in the states, that pressure is building among Americans to do just that… again.

Add to that frustration the growing feeling that US businesses and/or private citizens who are hiring the illegals for cheap labor need to be charged with a felony and slapped with humongous fines, or jail time, or both.

The flooding of OUR country by the ungrateful, demanding, country of Mexico has all but destroyed any amicable feelings we Norte Americanos have for our southern neighbors.

The hiring of a PR firm, by the government of Mexico, to polish up the Mexican image among the Yankees, is only going to hack us off even more. Now, not only do we feel invaded, but we also feel used, and we are fed up!

The US federal government apparently doesn’t want to stop this illegal flow of Mexicans north and the flow of US dollars south. If they did, they COULD stop it.

If Mexican immigrants wish to enter the US, then let them get in line with all the others, and enter legally, and we’ll be glad to have them. But breaking the line, and unlawfully crossing that border, and losing themselves amongst our population, must stop, and it must stop quickly.

We have an election coming up next year. Illegal immigration WILL, I repeat, WILL, be a factor in the elections. It will continue to be a huge factor until we elect federal officials who will put a stop to this invasion.

Look, we have huge unpopulated deserts (to one degree or another) in the southwest within which we could locate a number of internment camps. I’m for rounding these illegals up and, instead of sending them back across the border, put them in those internment camps and have them do maintenance labor along our highways, in our state, and national parks, and whatever we need done for the upkeep of public lands and infrastructure. After, say, 20 years of labor, they can then apply for citizenship or, continue to receive our largesse… in the internment camps.

Just sending them back across the border absolutely does not work! So, don’t send them back, keep ‘em, and force them to work to pay for their upkeep.

Drastic? You bet! But so is the problem they are perpetuating.

The anger you may detect here is just an echo of the deeply felt anger of Americans.

We have a problem on our hands that can be stopped, fairly easily, by our government. The frustration we feel is not only with Mexico, but with our own government as well. The invasion can be stopped, almost overnight. All it takes is the will to do what needs doing.

It is so bad, and the federal government is responding so poorly to the requests for help from the States along that border, that there is a very good chance that those states will take it upon themselves to seal their portion of the border with National Guard troops. If a state, such as California, wishes to keep their southern border open to Mexico, then I suggest we offer to give the entire state of California back to Mexico! Then the states surrounding what USED to be the state of California can then seal their borders with what will have then become a part of Mexico.

The next US Presidential candidate who runs on a platform of sealing the southern US border with Mexico WILL get the votes of the US southern states. That’s how serious it has become.

Washington, Mexico, we are serious about this. We demand action be taken in a timely manner to secure our southern border. US taxpayers are tired of supporting TWO countries! Enough is enough!


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