Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some Think Opposing Global Warming Theory is Crime against Humanity!

(This Article First Ran in October of 2006!)

Some Think Opposing Global Warming Theory is Crime against Humanity!
We have felt for sometime the proponents of the Global Warming Hoax are on a power trip. Some of you didn’t believe that. Well, now comes the story that some of the GWC (Global Warming Crowd) want those of us, who do not buy into the awful science behind the global warming theory, tried for some kind of “crimes against humanity”. I am not kidding.

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I would seem to me that the very last place the GWC would want to go would be to a courthouse, or a court room, anywhere in the world. You see, a trial seeks truth. It seeks facts. It is our opinion that when the sloppy science of the Global Warming Theory is brought to light, the proponents would be laughed out of, practically, any courtroom in the world. The Scopes Monkey Trial would seem like a Sunday School picnic!

The frustration of the GWC must be monumental. They keep up their continuous drumbeat of doom and gloom and for the most part, that part of the world, which is most free, ain’t buying it. When you give the human race a choice between freedom, and the restrictions which would be placed on their freedoms by the GWC, they’ll choose freedom every time.

So the GWC continues to nag and snap at the ankles of humanity. And now… they want to put their opponents in jail!

You still think that’s not a power trip???


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