Monday, June 18, 2007

ANOTHER Note to My Senators Reference the Amnesty Bill!

Sometime toward the latter part of this week, or the first of next week, that abomination of a Bill "The Amesty Bill" will be taken up again by the Senate. As of this morning, I fired off another message to both my Senators explaining why it is so important to vote down that bill.

If you are as dead set against that bill as I am, then I suggest you get busy letting the folks in DC know how you feel. Because, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the Dems and Repubs are gonna pass the bill, by hook or by crook, in a lump sum, or in pieces... somehow, they WILL find a way to get what THEY want, regardless of what YOU want, passed into law! I know it is not the democratic way. I know that. I know it is not the American way, either. But the reality of the situation in Washington is... our Senators and Representatives, as well as the President and his Administration, are so isolated from you and I that there is no communication. (Talk about taxation without representation!)

Below is the text of the message I sent both my senators today. This is the second message in ten days or two weeks. This is a critical issue and we need to rattle cages in DC about it.


Dear Senator:

Here we go again! I was hoping we had put a stake thought the heart of that “abomination” of a bill… the Amnesty Bill, sometimes known as the Immigration Bill. Perhaps not!

I just wanted to let you know that so far as I am concerned, I have not changed my mind. I STILL insist that you vote against the bill… in any form.

Senator, that 4.4 billion dollars added to the bill to “enhance” border security smacks of a bribe offered to those of us who insist the border be sealed and secured. I was insulted that anyone could think so little of my intellect to make such an offer. It is not only insulting, I am embarrassed that a person, any person charged with representing my interests in the nations’ capitol, would think I would be so easily swayed.

Senator, I’d like to emphasize that nothing has changed as far as my dislike of the Immigration Bill. No amount of “dressing it up” will take away the stench of Amnesty.

I ask you to please impress upon your fellow Senators the importance of voting this Bill down and then concentrate on securing the border.

Your fellow Tar Heels are counting on you to do the right thing for the people of our state. You will be accountable to us for the vote you cast on this Bill. We will be watching closely.

Finally, Senator, I hope I have been able to impress upon you the earnest desire your constituents have for securing the border with Mexico before any talk of Immigration reform is appropriate. At the very least we desire a double fence, with a patrol road between them, stretching the entire length of the US/Mexico border with ample personnel to patrol that border day and night. Seems to me, if the government can make such a tremendous effort to secure the borders of Iraq… US citizens deserve the same effort here at home… and we should not even have to bring it up in a message to our Senators and Representatives.

Senator, I am a life-long Conservative Republican, but these kinds of disconnects between my representatives in the Senate, and the House, is causing me to consider leaving the Republican Party. I cannot remain in a party, which is non-responsive to such a large segment of its base.

With warmest personal regards,

Your Obedient Servant,


This is what those of us who oppose this bill must do. We cannot sit idly by and lose our nation as a result of inaction on our part.

This nation askes very little of its citizens. We're not a democracy. We are a Representsative Republic. Those representatives are supposed to represent US. As of late, especially on this issue, they are not doing that. We need to remind them where their duty lies. OFTEN!


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Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Trying to deal with Illegals without enforcing the law at the border is like trying to bail water out of a boat without plugging the leak.