Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Left to Attempt to Silence the Right!

The Right to be Silenced by the Left?
I have been convinced that once the Dems returned to power they would do everything in their power to consolidate that power and freeze anyone not a democrat out of power forever. One of the many steps in their plan, I felt, was to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine on Broadcasting in the US.

The efforts of the Left to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine, so far, have been stymied by angry conservatives who understand it is a freedom of speech issue… but the dems simply don’t care. They support freedom of speech… so long as your speech is the party line… the Democratic Party line, of course.

Over the weekend we learned that some Democrat Senators are considering introducing a bill in the US Senate to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine. It came as no surprise. It’s what the Democrats do. They control thought and speech. Uncontrolled speech and thought are detrimental to they efforts to gain total power in the US. It must not be allowed.

If all this sounds familiar, then you are probably about my age. For those of you who do not remember how it was in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s, believe me when I tell you the actions the dems are taking today mirror those of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The folks over at "The Conservative Voice" have an excellent piece on the Fairness Doctrine and how it mirrors activities in Nazi Germany. We recommend that you go to:


And read the piece by Paul R. Hollrah entitled:

“The Nazification of the American Left”

Yes, this is strong stuff. But for those of us who have lived the past where these nightmares were alive and well, and for those of us who have experienced the horrors brought on humanity by the raw lust for power, believe me when I tell you… we recogniose what we have seen before.

The Fairness Doctrine is simply another way for the Democrats, the American Left, to silence their opposition on the political right. It is sugar coated, and perfumed, but it is still “bovine scatology”.

The Left, no matter where in the world they are, has never learned that when you silence people their anger has no escape hatch, not escape valve, if you will. Their anger will continue to build until it boils over and the Left is consumed in the conflagration that follows. It happens every time the left assumes power and begins to throttle the people they rule. They may last a few decades, or even a hundred years, but sooner or later the people being oppressed rise up and throw off their would-be masters from the Left. It is a continuous cycle. And yet… the Left never learns from this! Even today the American Left is attempting to do the same thing they have always done, that thing which inevitably gets them thrown from power… silence the electorate. The Fairness Doctrine is only a small part of their march toward power consolidation.

It must not be allowed to happen.


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Frank said...

You can thank Sinclair media and their right wing garbage for this one Longstreet. The public's air waves are just that the Public's and they are not to be used as a political megaphone for any one specific idiology or political slant.
Here is alink to non partisian facts about why it is important...


If all the broadcast media was truly liberal you'd be screeming for it.

Longstreet said...

No, I wouldn't be screaming for the Fairness Doctrine, Frank. I'd be too busy figuring out a way to compete and win!

Frank, the public will not listen to liberal dogma. The doom and gloom preached by the left turns them off in droves. Every broadcaster who has tried it knows that is true. You can almost hear the knobs being turned off when you put a liberal program on the air.

I worked under that godawful Fairness Doctrine and ran four stations under it. I simply gave up and stopped running any public affairs except just enough to get my license renewed every 7 years (at that time it was seven. I believe it is longer now.)

Broadcasters HATED the cussed thing. It tied us into knots trying to offer a product for the listeners upon which we could sell the ads that supported the station and it’s employees. (Sponsors won’t buy it because THREY know nobody listens to it!)

AM stations were doomed. They were dropping like flies, all over the country. You couldn’t GIVE an AM station away! It had no value… because people would not listen to the claptrap!

FM was booming because it was music oriented. Playing the same music on AM that one played on FM was simply no contest. The FM Stereo was so much superior to AM that it put the “stopper in the bottle” as far as AM stations were concerned.

Then The Fairness Doctrine was rolled back. AM began airing talk… frankly, because TALK was not MUSIC! It did not take long to realize that listeners would listen to conservative radio, because it was upbeat, happy, cheerful, optimistic, etc, and just plain fun! Every AM broadcaster with any sense immediately switched formats to Conservative Talk Radio. It saved the entire industry! A friend of mine is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. He owns an AM station. He immediately formatted Rush Limbaugh! Why? Because he was about to lose his behind, as well as his business, which was circling the drain. It saved his station for him.

So, what we are talking about, if the Fairness Doctrine is reinstituted, is the death of an entire industry… AM Radio. It will be gone.

Now, don’t misunderstand… Conservative Talk Radio is going nowhere! It will simply switch to satellite radio, and to the Internet, and even to Pirate Stations operating outside the US and beaming their broadcasts into the states. That’s not difficult to do these days. One can transmit one’s radio format, by the Internet, to anywhere in the world… and it can be instantly picked up, and broadcast on radio, right back into the states. No big deal. Even the program can originate here in the states, yet be broadcast from a station located outside the US. They’ve been beaming radio signals from American owned broadcast stations in Mexico into the states since I was a kid.

So the two main effects will be… depriving the general public of a service they obviously love, and enjoy, and support… and closing an entire industry. All because the Left wishes to consolidate it’s hold on power in the US.

No, Frank, the Fairness Doctrine is simply a power play on the part of the Democrats. That’s the bottom line. They cannot compete in the arena of ideas, as someone on Conservative Talk Radio has said, so they want to silence those who can. It’s as simple as that.

Best regards, my friend,