Monday, June 25, 2007

Conservatives Don’t Vote for Bipartisan Candidates!

Conservatives Don’t Vote for Bipartisan Candidates!


“Bipartisan”… “Bipartisanship”… what does it mean… exactly?

Well, it depends on your perspective. Congressional Democrats believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”. Congressional Republicans believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”. Conservatives believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”! (Notice the delineation between Republicans and Conservatives in this paragraph? That was intentional!)

You can clearly see how bipartisanship is anathema (from the Greek meaning: “a thing devoted to evil!”) to Conservatives!

One must understand that Conservatives do not knowingly vote for a candidate who will go to Washington and AGREE with Democrats… on anything! Otherwise… what’s the point? I mean, Conservatives and Liberals disagree! That’s what we do! Conservatives want their candidates to be PARTISAN!

Most often when Conservatives get their collective backs up… it is usually as a result of leading Republicans agreeing with Democrats on something. The latest example is the abomination of the Immigration Bill… known by Conservatives, and in reality, as the “Amnesty Bill”! Oh, this bill is just one among many! But it is the latest.

You see, Conservatives truly believe that “government which governs least is best”. That is a core belief of the Conservative Movement in the US. If you understand this, then you have a grasp of the root cause of the turmoil within the ranks of the Republican Party at this moment. Conservatives are furious!

When a top tier Republican candidate for President agrees with Teddy Kennedy… it is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire. Senator John McCain has done that. Is it any wonder that his presidential campaign is over? McCain can go home! He is as close to the White House as he will ever be! Thank Goodness for that!

One of the evils of bipartisanship is that the Congress becomes a law factory…churning out laws like a sausage factory… in bulk! I mean… God, Himself, only gave us ten! Have you looked at the volumes of the US Code??? The Ten Commandments it ain’t!

Conservatives and Liberals fundamentally disagree…period! When they snuggle up and get cozy, it leads to all sorts of bad things for the country.

Oh, but you say: “If they don’t agree, and if they don’t show a willingness toward bipartisan governance, the government will gridlock!” EXACTLY! GRIDLOCK IS A BEAUTIFUL THING… to Conservatives! It’s one of the few times I feel relatively SAFE! Gridlock the Congress while Americans still have a semblance of their freedom left.

Remember Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina? Jesse was/is a Conservative…first, last, and ALWAYS! He told you what he believed… up front, and there was no budging him. If the Senate had to shut down… then so be it. Jesse knew what his constituents wanted when they sent him there and he DELIVERED! I have been in meetings with Jesse and the Democrat’s who supported him here in my region of NC. They were CONSERVATIVE Democrats! They knew that if Jesse gave his word, it was as good as a gold! He never failed us. He was a conservative’s conservative. Jesse didn’t believe in bipartisan government. He believed in standing for HIS cause, the Conservative Cause, knowing full well the Liberals would sure as heck stand for theirs, as well. And THAT is the way the US Congress is SUPPOSED to do business. If they gridlock, then that’s all a part of it.

Bipartisanship in the Congress got us in the mess we are in today. Republicans need to clean the house in the US Senate and in the US House. We have entirely too many Senators and Representatives who have forgotten what conservatism means. They have grown fat and lazy on the platitudes of the media when they “agree” with the Democrats. Unfortunately they seem to like it! That is a “lapdog” attitude and it is unbecoming to any politician and, especially, a Republican! Conservatives see the Mainstream Media as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. We become physically ill when we witness a so-called Conservative cozying up to a member of the Media.

Bipartisanship in the Congress is for wussies. It is not for Conservatives!


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Frank said...

You see, Conservatives truly believe that “government which governs least is best”.
Well let's see, regulating who can and who can't marry, controlling what procedures a woman can get from her doctor, illegal wiretaps, collecting data on citizen and citizen groups, spying on citizens, tracing what books one checks out of a library, credit card purchases someone makes, requiring citizens get a passport to re-enter the country from a neighboring one, controlling legal prescription drug trade between countries, to protect drug companies, restricting how much a person can get for injuries as a result of someone else’s carelessness, yeah I'm glad you guys really want less government.... And after the last 4 Republican bungling boobs, Nixon, Regan, Bush, and Bush I can see why, they can't govern, I'd be ashamed! I am embarrassed just from being born on the same astrological body as those imbeciles.

kip152 said...

You clearly don't understand the way a democracy is supposed to work.

Longstreet said...

Kip: I understand how a Democracy works. I also know how a Representative Republic works.

The United States, sir, is not now, nor has it ever been, a Democracy! Clearly you, sir, are a product of the Government School System in the US.

The US was founded as a Representative Republic. The Founding Fathers made the choice to establish a Representative Republic RATHER than have a Democratic form of government for this new nation. It was then, and is now, a Representative Republic.

Yeah, I think I have an idea how a Democracy works. But... I am more familiar with how the Republic we live in works.

Best regards!