Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Two-Fer Presidency? Saints Preserve Us!

Another Two-fer Presidency? Saints Preserve Us!

Another co-presidency is just what this country needs! Riiiiiiiiiight! I have barely gotten over the first Clinton Co-Presidency. I STILL have not gotten over the scandals and, worst, the shame they brought to the White House.

And America is about to do it again!

Never allow any one to tell you that Americans are not gluttons for punishment. We LOVE pain and disgrace! We lap up shame with the gusty of a hound dog! How else to explain the strong likelihood that Mrs. Bill Clinton (Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton) will be elected (re-elected?) to the office of President, returning her “skirt-chasing husband”, Slick Willie” to those once hallowed halls. There is no other explanation.

How will we ever know who is making the decisions? It would be absolutely foolish to believe anything either one says, as they are both renown for their skill at prevarication. “Double Talk” is their FIRST language. Bill is without doubt the ultimate politician. He has learned to fake sincerity. Hillary is not that accomplished... yet. Returning the Clintons to the White House is the equivalent of returning Nero to the Rome. And yet… it is looking more and more as if America is going to do exactly that.

I really feel for the Secret Service detail assigned to the Clintons. The horror stories from Slick Willie’s reign began, some time ago, to become public… and suddenly… they were cut off. How a Secret Service Agent could, in good conscious, stand guard outside the door of a room where the President is “entertaining”, or being “entertained” by, a female guest other than his wife, is beyond me. There’s something morally wrong about that. I don’t envy the Secret Service assigned that detail.

There is something deeply, deeply, wrong with a society…any society… that celebrates a lifestyle, such as that of the Clintons, enough that that society is willing to install “those people” as the nations leaders. It is a fatally flawed society.

Our nation has taken the low road often enough now that, apparently, the majority of us see nothing wrong with following a couple of people who exemplify the lowest common denominator among us.

My mother had a word for people whose lifestyles mirrored those of the Clintons. She would refer to them as “common”. Translated… that meant the lowest of the low.

In the meantime, I must make a note to myself to make sure my dues to the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” are paid in full!
There is a bit of good news to report, however, Reuters is reporting there is a new Zogby poll out today showing Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans. You'll find the article on it at:



Frank said...

Oh come on! Bush is way worse than any other President in history. Look he wasn't even elected, he went to the supreme court to stop the count the first time and the second time with all the illegal caging lists and other crap pulled on election day. What about WMD? and "Slam Dunk" and "Bring it on" and "mission accomplised" and "Your doing a heck of a job Brownie" and "Whoever revealed the name of an undercover CIA agent will not have a job in my administration." All the lies and all the scandals and mis steps (domestic spying) that are not covered by the "liberal" MSM not to mention fixing intelligence to lead us into a war. Yeah I'll take the old "I did not have sexual relations witht hat woman" any day of the year. Especially since sex is defined as genital penetration, he did not lie.

TexasFred said...

The worst possible scenario in American political history:

Hillary is elected POTUS

Obama is her VP

Bill runs the whole show...

God help us ALL!!