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No "Super Storms" This Year, Either! WOW!

No Super Storms This Year, Either! WOW!


Today marks the end of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season. We’re still standing. The continental US was barely touched by a single storm and it was certainly not a killer storm.

Now, if I was one of those who had warned of the super storms for the past two-years, I’d be hiding my face in shame. Those of us who live, and have grown up in “Hurricane Alley” know that only the dumbest of the dumb make such predictions and only those arrogant enough to believe they know what Nature is going to do verge on the insane!

Hurricane Katrina was blown all out of proportion by the press and those wishing to milk the US Treasury for every single dime they could get. Yes, Katrina did reach Cat 5 status… while at sea. Anyone familiar with hurricanes can tell you that is not uncommon. But by the time Katrina reached the mainland she came ashore as a Cat 3 storm! . But to read the reports in the media and the weeping and wailing and begging for money coming from the lost city of New Orleans you’d think they had been hit with Armageddon! Had that same storm struck the eastern seaboard, there would have been little if any whining about the “less than sterling” help received from the US government. You see, we KNOW it is not the government’s place to be first responders and we understand that, ultimately, it is we, ourselves, who are responsible for our own safety. Don’t believe me? Look at Mississippi. They were “slammed”, with equal vigor, by Katrina. Where was all the bitching, and moaning, and weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth about the federal government’s lack of enthusiasm in assisting Mississippi after the storm? You didn’t ear it because the good people of Mississippi took, and continue to take, responsibility for themselves. And that’s why they are back on their feet and doing business.

The “Greenies”, on the other hand, are continuing their scare! Why? Because their constant drumbeat of impending doom, much like water torture, wears a populace down, and, over time, weakens the will to resist, and makes it more receptive to their ridiculous ideas, theories, and hypotheses. Their never ending staccato of scare tactics, and Doom’s Day scenarios, eventually bring acquiescence and therein lies the real threat, the real danger, to a society. Acquiescence can only benefit those who wish to control a society with their ruinous ideas for a socialistic form of governing. We call it Socialism, for short. If history teaches us anything at all, it is… that Socialism fails every time it is tried. In the end, that is all the environmental movement, the global warming movement, and the “worship nature” movement is…. socialism.

Rational, lucid, people would take the past two hurricane season’s failure to comply with their predictions as indicative of the fact that weather does not comply with man’s rules, nor wishes, nor even predictions. If anything, weather refuses to do any of those things. The only constant about weather is… change. In order to continue to ignore nature’s non-compliance, and continue to preach the doom of the planet, by the hands of man, requires a religious fervor. And that is exactly what the World Wide Green Movement has become… a Godless, pagan, religion. Further, in my opinion, it has become blasphemy and people of the Judeo-Christian faith should have nothing to do with it for it is in direct conflict with our stated beliefs.

Next year’s hurricane season may see Hurricane Alley get slammed, and slammed again, by hurricanes. If so, those of us who live here understand that it is nature at work. We also understand there is absolutely nothing we can to do to prevent it, or to lessen, or increase, the intensity of the storms. We understand that when the storms come, if we choose to stay in their path, we can depend upon no one for help except our God, and ourselves. We prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

Come next Spring, we’ll update our hurricane kits, replenish our battery supplies, test our electricity generators, and refuel them, and stock up on food stuffs that won’t spoil and lay in a fresh supply. We do this because we know the storms will come. Some years they come often and with great intensity. Other years they are less frequent in their visitations and less powerful. We also know that no matter the pattern from year to year, trying to draw conclusions about the frequency and intensity of hurricanes is akin to herding cats. It is hopeless… and… ultimately… useless. Unfortunately, those who have chosen Nature as their God instead of Nature’s God haven’t learned that… yet.

I have walked in the eye of hurricanes more than once. To experience the perfect weather, in the eye, after having experienced hours of lashing, roaring, winds and rain… and to view the damage around you, is awesome. The knowledge that even though you are walking in a docile atmosphere, at the moment, and in a few minutes you will be hit with the howling backside of the storm will make you skin prickle and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. You thank God you have made it halfway through… and then; you take cover… and you await the second assault.

Hurricanes are a way of life here. They are a fact of life. We take them seriously. We always try to overestimate them. Underestimating the power of a hurricane will get you killed. We learned, long ago, to ignore most of what we hear coming from “the experts”, most of whom have never, in their entire lives, had to hunker down as a screaming, roaring, monster of a storm shreds the world around you while you cower in the total darkness of a night gone berserk. It is the stuff of nightmares. Until “the experts” have done this as often as I, and my fellow residents of Hurricane Ally, have, then guess whose knowledge of hurricanes I will bet my life on?

2008 will bring a whole new season of storms. This time next year we will be running the totals to see how we faired. Thus, it has always been. Thus, it will always be.


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