Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Constitutional Amendment banning sucession of family members to the office of President of the US?

A Constitutional Amendment banning sucession of family members to the office of President of the US?

Yep! It’s time.

Grover Norquist, a Republican activist, aims to turn the question of dynasty into a campaign issue.

Norquist hired lawyers to draw up a constitutional amendment that would ban family members from succeeding one another to elected and appointed office.In the event it passes, it won’t affect the Clintons as president Bush was elected between them. But Norquist believes that it will alert voters to the perils of dynasty. “Americans don’t like to go back,” he said.
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Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of this. Admittedly, I do not like family members following one another into the same political office. It smacks too much of a “ruling class”, or a “ruling family” and my ancestors came here , to America, to escape that very thing (not to mention jail)!

Realistically, a constitutional amendment will have to wait for a conservative congress to even have a prayer of coming to the floor of the two houses... even for discussion. The Dems are not about to discuss anything that will light the dark corners of the Clinton’s scandalous former administration and those scandels which still cling to them. There will be time enough for that when, and if, Hillary is elected. It will be, as her husband’s administration, a string of scandels, one behind the other, for four long years. It cannot be escaped, if Hillary is elected.

However, there is a school of thought among the democrats that Hillary is losing votes/support as a result of voter’s fear of a political dynasty. I really don’t think that is why her support is weak in some quarters. Actually, I suspect it has more to do with her being such a polarizing person. There are two camps, and two camps only, of voters considering Hillary. Those who love her and those who hate her. There is no middle ground.

Let’s face it: Dems and Repubs are both dissatisfied with their respective fields of candidates for the Presidential nomination. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year’s election has a record low turn out by voters. If Conservatrives manage to get a third party up and running before next fall, they will probably decide the election. It won’t be in favor of the republicans. For that reason, Conservatives may choose to wait until after November of 2008 before launching The Conservative Party.

In my opinion, Norquist’s proposal has merit. I don’t think America wants a “ruling family” no matter the political leanings of that family. After all, the US is a Republic. A representative republic, to be sure, but a republic, nonetheless.

It pays to keep in mind the expression: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A ruling family’s power increases with every succession. I don’t think America wants to go there.

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Frank said...

I think it should be no family memebers within 5 generations of each other. That would not affect the clintons since they are not blood relatives and if they wanted to they could divorice before the election.