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Lies. Hate, Racism, Bigotry, Ignorance, All Aimed At the Southern American

Ever since the flag flap last week with Vice-President Cheney and Al Sharptin the internet has been flooded with stories about the bigotry and hatred of which the purveyors of hatred towrd southern Americans swear that flag stands for. All the bigotry and hated anfd racism is on the southern American side.

Well, I'm here to tell you that is utter Bulls**t!!

First ... I have seen the Confederate Battle Flag referred to many many times, in the past few days, as the "Stars and Bars". That is utterly false. The Stars and Bars was the First National Flag of the Confederacy (which I fly on the doorpost of my home every day!). The flag with the St. Andrew's Cross on it, what many call an "X", is the Confederate Battle Flag. The CBF never flew over the Southern nation. It was a soldier's flag only... a "battlefield flag". Hollywood is mostly responsible for the propaganda that the CBF was a national flag of the Confederacy. It was not.

Now let me see if I can use some visual aids here to help clarify this.

This is the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America:(See the Stars and Bars????)

THIS is the Confederate Battle Flag:

(If the Confederate Battle Flag is rectangular... then... it is the Confederate Naval Jack which was flown off the combat ships of the Confederacy.)

Now, try to THINK, for heaven's sake... The Confederate Battle Flag NEVER flew over Slavery! It was never a NATIONAL FLAG! The Confederate Battle Flag NEVER FLEW OVER SLAVE SHIPS! That was the US FLAG! (There were several European Countries deep into the slave trade as well.)

And another thing: So the KKK has co-opted our Southern Flag! So what? The flag they flew LONG BEFORE THEY CHOSE TO USE THE Confederate Battle Flag WAS THE US FLAG!!! And they still fly it prominently at their rallys today! The KKK also flies the Christian Flag at their rallys. I don't hear anyone condemning the US flag and the Christian flag becasue the KKK has co-opted them! No, only the Confederate Battle Flag!

Why do you suppose that is?

Well, I'll tell you:

It is bigotry toward the Southern American, and hatred of the Southern American, because we did not bow down and lick the boots of our conquerers and those who occupied this sacred land and nearly demolished what was left of our homes and our familes after the war of Northern Agression! THAT"S WHY! I have news for you! Hell will freeze over before the Southern people kiss the a** of, or lick the boots of, our conquerers!

And THAT is what the Confederate Battle Flag stands for: Defiance! Flat out defiance! We will not be cowed, we will not be bowed, and we will not submit to tryanny... in any form... from any source!

The Southern States of America remain occupied, to a fair degree, even today. Look at where the US MIlitary bases are located in the US. You place military bases in a country you have conquered and occupied as constant reminder to the conquered that you are ready to bring your wrath down on the conquered anytime they should even think about causing trouble. The other reason is... to forward deploy your troops into an area you suspect will be a trouble spot in the future. One more military base located in the South... and the South will sink !

That Battle flag represents PRIDE, and HERITAGE, and HONOR.

When the Confederate Battle Flag when back up atop the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, in the 1960's it was raised to make a statement to the US Federal Government: "Remember what happened the last time you forced your will upon the South? Don't think it cannot happen again!" THAT was what that flag was meant to say when it when back up at the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the War of Northern Agression! As sandlapper, myself, my chest swelled with pride to see that flag flying in the Carolina sky... waving in staunch defiance of the mighty forces arrayed against the South.

So... do not preach to me of your "Northern Innocence" concerning slavery. The Northern states RAN the slave trade in the United States! It was illegal for a Southern owned ship to carry slaves. The northeastern states ran the distillaries to make the rum which was used to purchase slaves in Africa and transport back to the NORTHERN states for sale!

I am sick to death of the ignorance of those who decry the South's history of slavery. It was the UNITED STATE'S history of Slavery! The South was involved in a lawful, constituional, form of involuntary servitude.... as were the Northern States. The South was wealthy, as a result of trade with the European nations, and the North was dependent on the tax money the Congress was squeezing out of the Southern states for it's very survival! THAT IS THE REASON LINCOLN COULD NOT ALLOW MY ANCESTORS THEIR FREEDOM, THEIR INDEPENDENCE! At the time war broke out in 1861, the Gross National Product of the Southern States was three times that of the Northern States! A full seventy percent of all the taxes going into the US Treasury's coffers, in 1860, was from the SOUTHERN STATES ALONE! My Southern Ancestors were being bled dry.

Slavery had little to do with the war when hostilities began. It became a rallying cry and a "reason" for the young men of the north to give their lives in "Lincoln's War". ..not for tax money... but to free black men from slavery.

Even then it took, 2, 800, 000 northern troops four long, bloody, years... the bloodiest years in this country's history, to defeat 800, 000 ragged, starving, Confederate troops. And even then they would have fought on except that the South was starving to death as a result of Sherman's taking the death and destruction of war to the South's civilian population... to Southern wives, daughters, children, and old men.

I am infuriated when some ignoramous spouts off about the racism of the South when they speak from the boundless depths of their own ignorance. No, dear reader, theirs is not politcal correctness, theirs is plain, old fashioned, ignorance... and there has been plenty of it in print, on the TV, and radio, and on the Internet over the past few days.

Do you wonder why we are buying up pieces of land along Interstate highways and planting 100 foot tall flagpoles which fly the Confederate Battle Flag? Once again, we Southerners are finding it necessary to show our defiance of the ignorance of those who spout their acid tongued lies and dstortions concerning our beloved South. Our public schools, colleges, and universities... and even some of our churches, the press, the political left, and so many others, have perverted, and distorted the truth about the reasons for the American Civil War and spread their vindictive lies about the South and made the South the villian for much too long... and we have had enough.

Just this week, The Sons of Confederate Veterans demanded an apology from Al Sharpton regarding remarks he made after some newspaper reported a Confederate Battle Flag hanging in someone's garage near a spot the Vice-President was hunting. You can now expect Southern "Counter Punching" to pick up in frequency, ferocity, and in potency, in the days ahead. A tipping point has been surpassed. Once again, it is ignorance attacking truth and honor and we will defend both truth and honor, just as we have in the past.

Deo Vindice!


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TexasFred said...

And THAT is exactly why I had the NEW logo made for the Children of the Confederacy.. I hope you like it too, I think it's a great logo...

I feel that after last weeks ignorant rhetoric by Al $harpton, the flag conflict will become a 'hot button' issue once again, and I am more than ready for it too...

Heritage, NOT Hatred, and only the most ignorant among us fail to see the difference...

Longstreet said...

I DO like the new logo. I installed it instantly!

If there was ever a case of history being re-written, it is the story of this country between the years from about 1800 to about 1877, or so. The factual story of that time period is available, but not easily. You have to dig. Even the vaunted search engines of the Internet give up those facts grudgingly. Folks who take the time to dig for the real story often fine their jaws dropping when they learn the truth.

I have advocated for years that our public education system should teach the truth... tell the whole story, the good, the bad, the ugly, from both sides. Why? Because it is what made us who we are. It just might help us avoid making the same mistakes which lead-up to the most vicious war in the history of this country.

As of today, 2007, many in this country are makig the same mistakes their forbears made and the MSM is making the same mistakes their predecessors made about the Southern states. If it continues, the result will the same. Some of the states will say enough! Who knows, it might well be the northern states who decide to leave this tome.

I read recently, as of today, there are secession movements in 22 states. Shouldn't that set off warning bells?

Ignorance is a dangerous thing!

Best regards!