Monday, November 19, 2007

The Hippie Congress!

Peace, love, sex, drugs, rock and roll! … and now they are running the country! Any questions as to why we are in the mess we are in??? Shouldn’t be. This generation was, perhaps, the most irresponsible generation of Americans ever. Nothing much has changed. They’ve traded in their tie-dyes for suits and ties and pants suits, and their long stringy hair for coiffed hair, but underneath the uniforms of respectability beats the heart of a true Hippie. Those once sharp minds, dulled by drugs and alcohol, are now deciding the guiding policies of this nation. Again I ask… any questions as to why we are in the mess we are in as a country???

They are still stuck on themselves. Nothing identified the Hippie quite as much as his, or her, love of self, and their self centered lifestyle. They cared for little besides self-satisfaction and that was required to be instant, as in: instant gratification.

A few managed to survive the drug overdoses, the frying of the brain by narcotics, and the various sexually transmitted diseases, to arrive at adulthood. Most never made it to adulthood. I mean, their bodies grew up and aged, but their minds, and their hearts, remain as much Hippie today as it was in the 1960’s. These are the people who still long for the 60’s, who long to build museums to hippies in New York State, who still believe that nothing is worth going to war for, or fighting for, or putting your life on the line for. And they are running this country!

Are you frightened yet?

Well, I am! They scare me half to death! I am far more afraid of the current US Congress than I am of the terrorists! And when I look at the current crop of presidential candidates running for office on both sides of the political spectrum…. I have no confidence anything will change… no matter which side eventually wins the oval office.

On one side are the Hippies and on the other a group of frightened men and women who have forsaken the mission, given them by their constituents, for fear of bad press!

The Congress today reminds me of a couple of roosters fighting. I’m not referring to “fighting cocks” here; I’m talking about bantam roosters. If you are familiar with bantam roosters, when they square off and begin to circle each other in the prelude to a fight, it is obvious to the onlookers that one of the roosters is scared… and the other is glad of it! The Congress reminds me of a bantam rooster fight: One is scared and the other is glad of it. As a result there is a lot of circling and preening and arching of the neck, but nothing much else.

I long for the day we have some “grown-ups” once again Washington. Ever since the “Boy President” we have had children running the government. It’s time the grown-ups put the kids in their place, and pick up the reins of government, and get this nation back on track!

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