Friday, November 23, 2007

No LEADER in America!



If you are concerned about the condition America finds herself in today… if you are concerned that America’s future is imperiled and we have no one to lead us out of the morass… if you completely discount the Democrat Party as a realistic player in American politics any more, and find yourself extremely concerned over the direction the GOP has taken, and continues to take, then we recommend this blog post to you.

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Take a tip from Martin Luther and nail this blog post to the White House door and the door of Congress!!!

Thanks, Aussiegirl! You nailed it! You ARE NOT ALONE. Many of us are every bit as concerned, and every bit as anxious, about finding a leader for this great country. I scratch my head in wonderment, daily, as I watch the foolish antics in Washington. I wonder which world they are living in… because it bears little resemblance to the REAL WORLD!

I worry about the “shadow government” which really wields control of the government we see day in and day out. They are the people who, you rightly claim, choose our national leaders and then graciously allow us to think we are doing the choosing.

I, too, worry that America’s best days are behind her. We desperately need a leader for America. The two political parties, now in control, haven’t the power, anymore, to deliver such a leader as we need. Such a leader will, of necessity, come from the people.

Who will it be? I haven’t a clue. But, somehow, I must feel that one will emerge… and soon. The conservatives stand ready to flock to his side. We want to save this country. We want to do so NOW, while we still stand a sliver of a chance of success!

If you believe in prayer… now would be a REAL good time!!!

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