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HJR 53: “The Cut and Run, Cower, and Tremble Bill”

HJR 53: “The Cut and Run, Cower, and Tremble Bill”


The title to this piece may not be as strong, nor as outlandish, as you may think! All because of a resolution by a NC Congressman with an “R” by his name, but known by his fellow Tar Heels as a certified “Rino”! I speak of Representative Walter Jones.

Jones has concocted something called: “The Constitutional War Powers Resolution”. What does it do? Well, not much, except that it basically strips the President of his, or her, constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief of the US Military.

The resolution would limit the types of short-term deployments allowed without congressional action. It would also decrease the amount of time troops could be deployed without congressional approval and require more consultation and reporting from the president.

And it gets worse:

HJR 53, “The Constitutional War Powers Resolution”, would only allow “short-term deployments” to repel an attack and/or retaliate for an attack on the U.S., to repel an attack on U.S. troops and to protect and evacuate U.S. citizens. The resolution would not allow federal funding for any other initiation of hostilities. The new resolution also limits deployments without congressional approval to 30 days after "the initiation of hostilities" by U.S. forces and does not allow for extensions.

If this bill passes, a future Commander-in -Chief will have to hire Blackwater to defend the US, and US Interests, abroad! Why, because he, or she, will not be able to use the US military for anything having to do with fighting a war. The US Military will be relegated to the “Meals on Wheels” program, around the world, once again!

Look, Commanders-in-chief need the power to “make war”. The US must be able to stop what it perceives as a planned attack on the US before that attack can be launched! That means the President must be able to order an attack , on his own, when he deems it necessary. In today’s world, a moment’s hesitation means nuclear death for millions of Americans.

The official title is House Joint Resolution 53, the Constitutional War Powers Resolution. Its co-sponsors are Ron Paul (R-TX) and Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD). The resolution attempts to curtail what some believe to be the expanding war powers wielded by presidents since the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Of course, the Lefties LOVE this one. It is right up their ally. But it took a “Rino” to get it on paper.

John Edwards was an embarrassment to Tar Heelswhen he was our Senator. Now Jones seems to be vying for that distinction.

The Constitution plainly says Congress has the power “to declare war”. The Commander in Chief has always reserved the right “to make war”. What’s the difference? Nobody knows! Not really! The Supreme Court has never made a ruling, one way, or the other. The discussion on this goes all the way back to the Constitutional Convention in 1787! They couldn’t decide, either!

We have “The War Powers Resolution of 1973” which allows a Commander-in-Chief to take military action as long as he officially alerts Congress about it in a timely manner. Usually 60 to 90 days is accepted as “timely”. That has been around since the Nixon Administration. Don’t knock it! It was needed. Congress has not had the “stones” to declare a war since The Second World War! In fact… there have been only five DECLARED WARS in the history of the United States. What has happened, as any fool can see, is that Congress is “afraid” (no other word applies!) of flexing its constitutional muscle and applying military force when it has been so obviously needed. It then fell to the Commanders-in Chief to do what was, in fact, Congress’s job!

So the New CONSTITUTIONAL WAR POWERS RESOLUTION will REALLY screw things up! It will, for all intents and purposes, tie the President’s hands so that he, or she, can only use military force AFTER the United States has been attacked! Lots of good that will do… right?!

What we have here is an unconstitutional attempt at gelding the Commander-in-chief and bestowing the power of that title on the 535 members of the Congress! Do you know what the acronym SNAFU means? Then you know what a FUBAR is, right? Well, apply the meaning of FUBAR to this act by Congressman Walter Jones and his posse of “Rinos”.

They say a camel is only a horse designed by a committee. You want to see a war designed by Congress??? It’ll make the camel look like Miss America!

Needless to say, I’ll be writing my Congressman (a conservative democrat, by the way) and asking him to vote against House Joint Resolution 53.

The good people of Congressman Jones' NC district might want to consider bringing him home… for good… next election!


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