Monday, November 12, 2007

Conservatives Should leave GOP and form the “Conservative Party” NOW!

Conservatives Should leave GOP and form the “Conservative Party” NOW!


I’ve been beating this drum ‘til my arms are tired!

I’m in my mid sixties and I have been a registered Republican since I turned 21 years of age and registered to vote in South Carolina. But in the past few years the Republican Party has told me they no longer want me or other Conservative Americans. They have told us this over and over and… in profound ways.

Look at the slate of candidates the RNC is offering up for our vote and support. What self-respecting conservative can vote for Giuliani, or McCain … and frankly, I am having some sincere doubts about Thompson, as well. The others, honestly, are “also rans”. They haven’t a “snow-balls” chance of winning.

I have been supporting Thompson. But, if he does not get the nomination, I pledge now, not to vote for Giuliani…. period.

Mr. Giuliani may be a swell guy to go fishing with, but I cannot support a man for President who disagrees with me on my core belief(s). Mr. Giuliani is Pro-Choice, Pro-Homosexual Rights, and Pro- Gun Control. That’s all I need to know. And for ANY Conservative, that should be enough to have us fleeing in large numbers away from Giuliani… and even the GOP!

It is time, nay, past time, for "The Conservative Party" in America! The GOP does not want us… and I must tell you, I have a terrible time staying where I am not wanted! It is time to move on.

I don’t like the idea of being an Independent. It smacks of “lack of commitment” to me (IMO). I want to be committed to a political party, but the party, which has had my commitment, for lo, these many years, no longer wants it.

And another thing, people who lead, or have led, conservative movements in this country, and announce publicly they intend to support Giuliani, bring some serious questions to mind about their conservative commitment. Just how deep is it? How deep WAS it… ever?

I’m ready for The Conservative Party. And forget about the BIG TENT philosophy in forming The Conservative Party. The Conservative Party would/will be for Conservatives. There will be no room for liberals of any degree. When the yet unborn Conservative Party speaks, it will be with ONE VOICE… not the cacophony of sound we get from the GOP today.

Honestly, I don’t think conservatives even need be worried about the election in 2008. Neither side, in this campaign, represents conservatives. Why expend our time, talent, effort, and money on a lost cause? Why not expend that same time, talent, effort, and money in creating a national organization, which WILL speak for us? Pulling out of the GOP, right now, will send the strongest signal possible that we will not be taken for granted any longer. And, more importantly, we will not be played for fools any longer, either!


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