Friday, November 16, 2007

Is Waterboarding Torture? Do I care?

Is Waterboarding Torture? Do I care?

The answer to the first is: I sincerely hope so! The answer to the second is: No, I DON'T care!

OK! Ok! The hate mail is coming in already! And, no, I’m not changing my mind!

I have no qualms about the US using waterboarding to interrogate terrorist prisoners. (Think: 3,000 slain Americans!) I hope they DO feel as if they are dying! (Think: 3,000 slain Americans!) I hope they are scared out of their ever-loving minds! (Think: 3,000 slain Americans!)

Our na├»ve Congress, made up of former dope smoking, flag burning, draft card burning, anti-war, ban the bomb, hug the trees, hate America, long-haired idiots has never grown up and accepted that there is a "real world" out there… where real people reside… places where evil exists.. places where evil men desire nothing, as much as they desire killing Americans, ... just because we are Americans! The Hippie Congress has never understood that kindness extended by us toward them, is a waste of time and energy. Thus, they speak of not torturing our enemies so that our enemies will not torture our service personnel. Only one word describes that philosophy… “STUPID!”

We Americans bring so much pain, suffering, and angst on ourselves because we want, oh, so much, to be loved by the remainder of humanity on the globe. This "longing to be loved" has caused our wars to be prolonged and this sense of guilt we have over being so prosperous and the world’s only superpower, etc., etc., continually causes our warriors to be killed uselessly... and nowadays it is causing our civilian population to be killed uselessly, as well. (Think: 3,000 slain Americans!)

Look, we had better thank all that is good and kind that our ancestors were tougher than us. For had they not been… we would not be here today! They knew you did not win wars by treating the enemy with kid gloves. You killed as many of them, as you possibly could, as efficiently as possible, and in the shortest time possible. They fought wars to win. The US has not fought a war to win since August of 1945!

When a nation fights to win, that nation will do whatever it takes TO WIN. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is off the table... not torture, and certainly not nuclear weapons. For instance, there is no reason the Iraq war has lasted as long as it has. A few nukes and the war would have been over. Why spend months and years looking under rocks, in Tora Bora, for Bin Laden? Nuke the area and come home.

The US has a reputation, now, as a “paper tiger”. It is a reputation we have earned by our less than stellar conduct on the battlefield since the Second World War.

Look, when a “piss-ant army of rabble”, the Islamofacists we’ve been playing with for four years, are allowed to embarrass and humiliate a nation, any nation, then that nation displays a certain lack of will… the lack of will to FIGHT BACK. Our reluctance to smash our enemies is read by them, and rightfully, as weakness, and as having the lack of will to resist.

When we have a national debate over whether waterboarding is torture… or not… the argument, alone, gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I don’t care if waterboarding is torture. If it is necessary to gain information we need to defeat the enemy, then it’s fine by me! Whatever it takes!


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Frank said...

Waterboarding is illegal... We prosecuted Japaneze soldiers after WWII for doing it to our soldiers. We prosecuted germany after WWI. The nuts behind the inquisition did it.... It is a discrace and I do not want this government doing it in my name! Our leaders should be prosecuted for braking international treaty. And remember these statemetns the next time some one cries that "They hate us for our freedom." No sir they hate us for our hypocrasy. And what is wrong with men with long hair? I have long hair and a beard (for now)..... So did Jesus. Oh and Jesus worked on the sabbath, forgave sinners, ate with prostitutes, sounds like a real liberal to me.

Longstreet said...

Reference: Long hair..."what's wrong with it"? Nothing... as long as the person under it is not a Hippie.

Frank, just a light note on Jesus' long hair. I'm not so sure that image of Christ is correct. The hair style among Jewish men of Jesus' day was short hair, full on the sides, around the ears. The Romans, of course, wore their hair short... similar to the style of the 1950's.