Saturday, April 16, 2005

Daylight SavingTime...A Hoax perpetrated on Americans

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Daylight Saving time… A hoax perpetrated on Americans!

I hate daylight saving time. Not so much because of the time change, itself, as because it makes absolutely no sense to me. None.

Look there are 24 hours in a day, here on earth, where most people, not in Washington, live. You can take 12 hours, or half of that day, and move it anywhere you want within that 24-hour cycle, and you still have exactly what you started with….24 hours, period. The sun has no idea you are trying to save it’s light! It is going to come up at sunrise, and go down at sunset, no matter what time is showing on the face of the clock.

I smell a rat! What kind of joke is being pulled on us anyway. Somewhere, someone is making money from the Daylight Saving Time Hoax.

To begin with the Federal Law blamed for establishing Daylight Saving Time, actually, does no such thing! It simply says that if the US should decide to practice Daylight Saving time, it must be uniform. Heck, there are even holes in that. Parts of some states do no observe DST at all. Hawaii doesn’t switch to Daylight Saving Time. A portion of Indiana doesn’t either.

The latest rendition of the DST law was brought to us under the guise of “saving energy” because there was an oil shortage. Well, the oil shortage turned out to be a hoax when several ships were sited just over the horizon, off the NC coast , their gunnels awash, sitting dead in the water, waiting for prices to escalate before they would bring the oil into the terminal.

The oil prices are skyrocketing again and the so-called shortage was here before, and after, the imposition of DST. So, where’s the culprit this time? There is one, I assure you.

Look, if Daylight Saving Time is so good for us, and our economy, why do we have it for a only few months each year. Why not institute it as Standard Time for the US and be done with it...huh?

How can we actually play out this joke, every year, with a straight face? How? ‘Cause, folks, the joke is on us... and at our expense!

Your Obedient Servant,


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