Friday, April 15, 2005

Well, The UN Has "Stepped In It" Again!

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Well, the UN has “stepped in it” again!

About the time I begin to think that clueless crowd at the Un can’t screw-up any worse than they already have, they go and make my day with some inane pronouncement, or other, which only serves to underscore the sentiment of UN detractors like myself.

Now the “World Class Appeasers” at the UN are publicly stating that the US’s War on Terror is a defamation of the Islamic religion. They claim it is a defamation campaign against Muslims! How is that possible? I mean, how could the US possible defame the Religion of Islam? If there is any defamation going on it is most certainly being applied by the practioners of hate, and death, deep inside the so-called religion of peace.

But, the UN, ever ready to undermine the only nation keeping them afloat monetarily, rushes in to accuse the US of smearing Muslims and their religion. How utterly ridiculous! How very like the UN!

The UN, as we have said often in this column, is hopelessly broken. It cannot be repaired no matter what John Bolton, the soon to be US Ambassador, will, or can, do. The UN is finished. I, for one, bid the UN “goodbye and good riddance”. I would happily stand on the docks of New York Harbor and wave, gleefully, as the ship bearing the entire UN entourage slips eastward over the horizon. What a wonderful thought.

In the meantime, the US must continue to to the UN’s job as they are completely incapable of taking care of themselves let alone policing the world’s trouble spots.

Many Americans are growing extremely tired of financing that nest of ne’er do wells and we’d like to see it fold up and go away. Each remark, similar to the one mentioned above, to come out of that socialist warren, only underscores our position and hastens the day the US will pull out of the UN and soon thereafter the much anticipated demise of that sad, arrogant, impotent, and disappointing organization.

Your Obedient Servant,


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