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Abolish The EPA

Abolish The EPA
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The EPA's recent move toward strangling the coal-fired electricity generating plants in America is another power grab by the "greenies" in the US government.  If not stopped by the Congress these new regulations will close and shutter dozens of coal-fired plants around the country and thousands upon thousands of workers in the electricity generating business, and businesses associated with them, will be out of a job. 

We are looking at a shortage of electricity in America if Congress does not vacate these regulations.  Rolling blackouts will be common here (in America) as they already are in developing countries.

I reside in Hurricane Alley so I know a thing or two about having no electricity for days and weeks on end. You are not going to like it, America.  But you'd better prepare yourself because it is coming as surely as a Martin flies to its gourd.

Look.  You may not like it.  You may not want to hear it -- but -- the plain fact is: Windmills and solar panels cannot produce the quantity of electric power a vibrant economy like America MUST HAVE to thrive.  It is simply impossible.  On the other hand, it might work if we bought Europe and covered it will windmills and solar panels.  But, frankly, I suspect even that would not be enough. 

Solar panels are great for powering driveway lights and small weather stations and such.  But to power a single city, like New York or Los Angles, you'd need an area larger than the size of Nebraska with nothing but solar panels twinkling at the sky.  It is a DUMB idea!

Windmills are a joke.  Unfortunately they are a lethal joke to the thousands of birds slaughtered by those whirling blades every year.  And they are butt-ugly!  Have you seen them?  Forget the little Dutch windmills on greeting cards and such.  They are tiny compared to today’s modern wind machines. 

Today's windmills stand as much as two hundred to three hundred feet tall and their blades span as much as three hundred feet across.  They are monsters.  Did I mention they are ugly, to boot?

Oh, and did I mention the secret bout windmills?  No?  well, you see -- they don't work when the wind is not blowing.  Now, when we say the wind is blowing, we don't mean the breeze we mortals thing of as "the wind."  No we are talking about the kind of winds you find on mountain slopes and along the shorelines.  Strong winds.  So, what happens when the wind isn't blowing and the windmills aren't producing electricity?  Well, power plants fueled by coal, nuclear power, and natural gas have to be fired-up to generate enough electricity to keep pumping power out onto the national power grid.  

When the sun's not shining -- solar panels produce zero electricity.

When the wind's not blowing-- Windmills produce zero electricity.

If you call the popular play and movie "Man of La Mancha," you will recall that he only TILTED at windmills (and he was as mad as a hatter).  Our dreamy-eyed President has embraced the cussed things.  (Did I mention they are ugly, too?)

The only practical electric car I have ever seen was a toy.  It actually did what it was supposed to do and that was to create fun for a child -- and NOTHING more.

While I am on electric cars -- I don't recall anyone saying what it would cost the owner of one of those battery powered cars when, and if, they had to replace the batteries!  I suspect one could buy a fairly good used car for what one would have to pay to replace those batteries.

Generally speaking, Americans are not dumb -- even though the Obama Administration gives every indication they believe we are.  Americans are not going to purchase electric cars for many decades into the future -- if ever.  Like the bullet trains the President is so fond off, so far as battery powered cars are concerned -- we don't need them, we don't like them, and we sure as heck, don't want them.

The EPA is the point of the spear for the green/socialist agenda in the United States.  I did not like it when President Richard Nixon created the EPA some forty years ago.  I feared, even then, the EPA would become and would do exactly what it has become and is doing.  Any agency with that kind of power -- and unanswerable to the American people -- can always be expected to go rogue.

A dark side of the human condition, human nature, if you will, is a thirst for power over one's fellow human beings.  Given an opportunity, sad to say, those who tend toward slacking their thirst for power will do so.

The EPA has become so powerful it defies the Congress of the United States.  In a free country a government agency gone rogue must be put down.    

In my lifetime there have been three, count 'em, THREE organizations that have wrought unspeakable damage on their respective countries -- the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, the KGB in the Soviet Union, and the EPA in the United States.

The Environmental Protection Agency has become a rogue agency.  It is power hungry and it has an agenda.  That agenda is based on a lie and a hoax, but it makes little difference because the EPA has the power to FORCE Americans to abide by the will of the EPA or be destroyed.  There is another agenda, akin to a "back story" to the pubic agenda of the EPA and that is the furtherance of socialism in America.

Make no mistake about it.  The green agenda and the socialist agenda are one and the same.  While environmentalism, much like a watermelon, is green on the outside, inside it is communist red.    If communism had an official religion, it would be environmentalism.

Again, we call upon the US Congress to abolish the EPA.  Funding should be cut off, entirely, until the dismantling of the agency is complete.

In an article entitled "The EPA Wrecking Ball," my friend Alan Caruba said:  "We are witnessing the destruction of the nation by the environmental movement and the EPA has just provided you with the most dramatic example of that plan." (SOURCE)

I could not agree more with Alan.  Sometimes it feels as if we conservative writers suffer from much the same curse as that with which Apollo hobbled Cassandra of Greek mythology. 

You may recall that Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy, but when she failed to return his love -- he added the curse that no one would ever believe her predictions.    

In the face of all our predictions over the past four decades nothing has been done to put a stop to this government agency that is off the reservation.  Now it has grown so powerful it tells the US Congress what it (The EPA) will do and dares the Congress to stop it.

The EPA has gone beyond the pale. As an agency of the US government, which is constitutionally answerable to the American people, the EPA is now outside the limits of acceptable behavior.  Its actions are now objectionable and certainly improper in a free country.

Abolish the EPA -- NOW.

J. D. Longstreet

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