Monday, March 12, 2012

Gun Sales In America Soar ... AGAIN

Gun Sales In America Soar ... AGAIN
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The very possible reelection of Barrack Obama for another four years as President of the United States is frightening the living daylights out of Americans. So, they are buying up guns and ammunition at yet another record rate just as they did in 2008. There are already shortages of weapons and ammo in parts of the country.
As folks have observed the Republican primaries, watched the debates, and considered the polls, they are becoming more and more convinced that not only will the republican candidate for President lose, but he will lose big.

Added to that fear is yet another -- that Obama, with another four years and no worries about having to stand for reelection, will toss the Second Amendment out on its ear. His disregard for the US Constitution has become something of legend here in America's southland.

The fear that with a second term of Obama, the country will quickly sink into total anarchy is driving Americans to seek some kind of security and protection for themselves and for their families.

The possibility that Obama will ignore the Second Amendment is not as ridiculous as it might sound at first. By now, Americans have witnessed Obama's abuse of the power of the Executive Order. It is a powerful tool in the hands of any President. But, in the hands of a socialist president, it can be an offensive weapon to strike deep into the heart of American freedom. THAT is why so many Americans no longer feel protected by the US Constitution.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as the old saying goes. Obama knows that. He has proven to be adept at going around a Congress that would stymie his unconstitutional efforts. He has created "Czars" and agencies and loaded other government committees and boards with "fellow travelers" who will do his bidding.
In that portion of America where people still cling to their God and their guns, notice has been taken of Obama's methods. It did not go unnoticed that he, more often then not, gets his way even when the people's congress defies him.

The folks in that part of America, which lies between the eastern and western coastal zones, take vastly different views of what it means to be free, to be an individual rather than part of some sort of collective. It makes them a different breed from their fellow Americans who live in the great cities on America's eastern and western coasts. They cherish their freedom and their liberty.
When a man can step onto his front porch and see the horizon miles away -- and not feet away -- it gives him an entirely different understanding of the words liberty and freedom. To him, they are not just words. They are God-given rights. He understands that he has a responsibility to protect those gifts even if it means placing his life in jeopardy.

These are the Americans who most feel the encroachment of a power hungry government bent on depriving them of those rights. And they are afraid.
But that fear is not driving them into "hidie-holes." No. It is driving them into revetments and fortifications and in some cases -- bunkers.

In the southern states, distrust of the federal government is embedded in our genome. We are born into this world hard-wired that way. But to see symptoms of this same distrust of government become so evident in all regions of the country is surprising -- and telling.

The folks on the left would like us to believe it is the result of the terrible economy. But that simply is not so.

Americans have seen bad times before. We have dealt with them and come through them stronger as a people and as a nation.

No, it is not the economy driving people to their guns. It is raw, rank, fear of the grasping, power hungry, individuals at the top of our government and the socialist agenda they are driven to see to its successful overthrow of America's capitalist society and the enslavement of the entire nation.

Though many on the left will deny it, it is clear to anyone who wishes to see, that our President is a socialist ideologue. It is equally clear that he has only begun his "fundamental transformation" of America into a socialist nation. He desperately needs another four year term to continue to weave the tentacles of socialism through the very fabric of America and crush her great heart.

As we said earlier, it has become apparent to some Americans that the Republican Party has decided to "punt" this election and look toward the election in 2016. The hierarchy of the party may feel it is the best thing for the party, but it will leave a lot of bitterness amongst conservative voters in America and there WILL be a price exacted in 2016 and beyond. It will not be forgotten that when America was in trouble -- the GOP "A" team chose not to even come out of the locker room.

So when you read the news stories concerning Americans buying guns in record numbers, don't be surprised. They have concluded that Obama will be reelected and they are people preparing for the collapse of the country they love and the reign of anarchy to follow.

How about you?

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

His poll numbers are dropping, allthough I could not EVER support Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich, never underestimate the American electorate, after all they elected the failure George W. to a second term......