Friday, March 16, 2012

Iran’s Leaders WANT War ... by J. D. Longstreet

J. D. Longstreet
Iran’s Leaders WANT War 
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In order for the twelfth Imam to return to earth and set up a worldwide Caliphate, the world must be in chaos.  Not ought to be, not might be, not close to being, but MUST be in chaos.

The current theocratic leaders of Iran believe that it is incumbent on them to insure that the world is brought to chaos as soon as possible. 

The race in Iran to acquire nuclear weapons is critical to Iran’s obligation to create chaos through war. 

There must be a spark and some now believe that if Israel or the US do not soon ignite the conflagration of war then Iran will strike the US and/or Israel to insure that the chaos of war is soon visited on the world.

The recent passage of two Iranian warships through the Suez Canal sort of tipped Iran’s preemptive hand. Those ships stood off the Israeli coast, then turned and went back through the Canal, most likely to their homeport in Iran.  It was a head fake, if you will.  It was a way of saying:  “See?  We can come within easy missile range of Israeli cities with our naval assets.”  In a confirmation of sorts, Iranian leaders said that they could, and would, take preemptive action against Israel (or the US) if they felt it necessary.

In my opinion, Iranian leaders are under no illusion that they can win a war against Israel or the US and certainly not against BOTH.  But victory is not the point -- and it is certainly not the goal of the Mullahs.  The goal is to START the war.  Once the Middle East is aflame, THEN, and only then, can the twelfth Imam appear to lead the Islamic world to worldwide victory and the establishment of a global Islamic government.

No amount of sanctions will change their minds. Neither fleets of warships nor squadrons of aircraft from the western world, no matter the number; will stop the coming war with Iran. There will be war.  There MUST be war.

The civilized world is dealing with religious fanatics.  That is always bad.

Remember the Japanese military of the 2nd World War?  Remember what it took to stop those religious fanatics?  Remember the costs in blood?    

At this writing, it seems clear that if Israel does not soon attack Iran, then Iran will attack Israel.

Obama’s diplomats, whether from the US State Department, or the Department of Defense, seem utterly at a lost to understand what is happening in the Middle East today.  To watch those men and woman at work is akin to watching a group of out and out amateurs. 

Obama’s involving America’s top generals in diplomatic missions is embarrassing to the soldiers and to the people of America.  It is an affront to the US military as a whole.  It is also a sign that the Commander-in-Chief hasn’t a clue what he is doing.

Iran has obviously decided that America is more willing to live with an Iran armed with atomic weapons than it is to go to war to prevent it.  Obama’s gutting of the US military and his desire to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80% is evidence that the Iranians are correct in their assessment of the Obama Regime.

Wisely, Israel doesn’t trust the Obama Regime.  How can they?  Obama has shown his distaste for Israel and his favor for the Islamic states quite clearly.  Israel would be foolish to discuss any plans they have for stopping Iran’s nuclear programs with the Obama regime.  Israel’s government is not foolish. 

In the meantime, Iran is basking in the spotlight the world has shone upon them.  They prance, preen, and strut across the world stage, like Bantam roosters, soaking up the attention.  They feel their importance and they don’t mind making spectacles of themselves before the world just to make sure the rest of us understand they (Iran) hold the keys to war and peace.

All the while, the 12th Imam sits, down in his well, and waits for the chaos necessary to get him out of that hole.  After all the centuries he has spent in the bowels of the earth he is surely impatient.

The dogs of war are straining at their leashes growling, howling, and snapping their drooling jaws at civilization.  At the other end of the leashes is Iran’s mad mullahs hissing the words:  “Sic ‘em.”

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

Of course they want war, they've been pushing hard since the Carter days..

What they don't understand is this; IF America has a POTUS with BALLS, WAR would last about 30 seconds...

Lights out...