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The Prophecy Concerning Obama Has Been Fulfilled

The Prophecy Concerning Obama Has Been Fulfilled
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet 

Back in August of 2008, I wrote a piece in which I pondered who Obama really was and what he would do if elected President.   Looking back at it now, the accuracy of the projections,  we can now see, was very high.  But then, I had taken the time to study Mr. Obama and his past, the best one could back then, and there were a host of markers that bespoke his intentions and pointed unmistakably at the direction he would take the country if elected.

It is nearly four years later and here we are in another election cycle with Mr. Obama asking for another four years.

Back in the waining months of 2011, I wrote that early this year (2012), the media would begin touting the growing economy and the drop in unemployment figures and the remarkable rebound the country was making under Obama's leadership.  I had hardly pressed the "publish" key when the Mainstream Media began their campaign to see that Obama, THEIR President, is reelected.  Practically everything we told you the media would be touting about Obama has already come to pass -- and their campaign to reelect Obama continues at a fierce and unrelenting  pace. 

Like der Furher's propaganda machine's philosophy -- "if you tell a like long enough and loud enough, people will believe it," the American Mainstream Media is beating their drums long and loud for Obama.   To paraphrase President Reagan -- "There they go, again!"

But, it is a bit different this time.  This is a different America than the America of 2008.  Today's American has had a taste of the spirit crushing socialism at the core of Obama's agenda for America.  Businesses going defunct and people out of work in record numbers, invasive/intrusive government intertwined in everyone's daily lives, socialized medicine already pushing premiums up so high many Americans are finding they can no longer afford to carry insurance for themselves and their families, small businesses finding they can no longer provide insurance coverage for their employees and stay in business, gasoline prices soaring through the stratosphere, and a citizenry beaten down and suffocated by big government rules and regulations the like of which a free people have never known have made today's America a different nation than it was in 2008.

All this in just a little over three years of an Obama administration.

We saw it coming and tried to warn America.  Lord, how we tried, but to no avail.

America was whipped into a frenzy by the mainstream media to elect America's first black president to prove to the world that America is not racist.  It became a mantra back in 2008.

Never mind that human beings are all racists, to some degree, no matter the color of our skin.  We come hard wired to distrust anyone different from us. It is hypocritical to claim otherwise and electing Obama did absolutely nothing toward proving we were not exactly what we were and are.

What Obama's election DID do was -- bring America almost to her knees.

Below is the article I wrote in August of 2008.   I invite you to read it and compare what we predicted to what has actually happened -- and what we expect to happen in the months and years ahead.  After you have read it, and thought about it, we suggest you search your soul and ask yourself if you love America enough to vote against Obama in November.

The Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media (But I repeat myself!) are asking you to remain in a state of denial and support Mr. Obama for a second term.   Americans whose eyes are now opened have come to believe that this once great country of ours cannot survive another four years of Obama's socialist agenda.

Please read the commentary below.  I have not changed a thing.  It is just as it was published in 2008.

The Mysterious Mr. Obama
By: J. D. Longstreet
(First Published August 8th, 2008)

There is simply no escaping Obama’s ties to socialists and his socialist tendencies, in the past, and even today, as he continues to support socialist programs. As much as his camp would like to divert the American voter’s attention away from Obama’s socialism, it isn’t working. It’s like the proverbial elephant in the room. It cannot be ignored. Nor should it be.

When you look at Obama’s past, his voting record, his associates, (those who have served Obama as advisors… and… some say mentors.) you quickly come to see that Obama’s brand of politics is much farther to the left than most of the arch liberal Democrats with which he shares his political party, the Democratic Party.

The very first warning sign of Obama’s socialism is his absolute belief in “Redistribution of the Wealth”. That is PURE socialism. He speaks of “Economic Justice”. That, too, is PURE socialism. In layman’s language “Economic Justice” is action by the government punishing those who have worked hard and earned their money, and rewarding those who haven’t. How would he do that? By taking the hard earned money of the, shall we say, “more fortunate”, and giving it to the, again, shall we say, “less fortunate”. He would do this by forcing Americans to give their wealth away. How? Mostly by taxes. “Economic Justice” is simply another phrase substituting for the word “socialism”. You see, we are convinced that Obama plans to, uh… “soak the rich”.

If Obama wins, and has his way, and he certainly will with a Democrat Congress, there will be massive tax increases and massive government spending on a scale this country has NEVER seen before. How long do you think it will be before America is bankrupt? How long do you think it will be before productive Americans, tired of working hard and having their hard earned wealth taken from them by the government, decide to simply stop working so hard and stop producing so much? Why SHOULD they continue to produce if the government is going to rob them of their earnings? Our national economy will circle the drain, only briefly, before diving down the tubes.

What sort of programs would Obama spend your wealth on? Well, take a look at the list at Investor’s Business Daily’s website. Some of them are:
"Universal," "guaranteed" health care, "Free" college tuition,” “Universal national service" (a la Havana), "Universal 401(k)s" (in which the government would match contributions made by "low- and moderate-income families"), "Free" job training (even for criminals), "Free" child care and "universal" preschool, and more “subsidized public housing”. For a more complete list visit:

As the folks at Investor’s Business Daily say… this is just for “starters”. This is stuff he would propose and, more than likely, have passed into law by the Congress in HIS FIRST TERM!

It is scary to see that Obama’s voting record, throughout his political career, is farther to the left than that of the only openly socialist US Senator currently serving in the US Senate! Now, THAT IS frightening!

So, we have a neophyte senator from Illinois, with 143 days experience in the US Senate… and no legislation he can point to as his, with a "gift of gab" and a charismatic personality, having no foreign policy experience at a time when the nation is at war, making “pie in the sky” promises, AND, it appears, beginning to believe his own press releases, and all this raises, for me, the question I want answered most of all… who is behind Obama? Who? We have a little over two months to unravel that mystery. The answer, I suspect, will be extremely telling.

J. D. Longstreet

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