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A New Constitution? ... J. D. Longstreet

A New Constitution?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The push for a new constitution for the United States of America has begun.

We have all heard the expression “A Living Constitution” – meaning the constitution of 1787 is a document that should be interpreted by taking into account and consideration that Americans live today in different times, not in the 18th century when the current constitution was first drafted.

Many will claim the 21st century American is much more sophisticated than his ancestor who fought a world super power to gain their freedom -- and won, and drafted a constitution, created a government for a country that would show the way to people seeking freedom anywhere in the world, and would, reluctantly, become the police force of the planet.

You know, if the current leaders of America had just a tiny portion of the integrity and sophistication of the men who framed the constitution, they would revere the constitution those 18th century “rabble-rousers” created.  They would recognize that it was, and is, an American constitution for all time, and that includes today. They would also recognize that it deserves protection from the likes of those who would gut it, re-interpret it, and re-write it into some limp, compliant, document that would say whatever the leaders of this country WANT it to say WHEN they want it to say it.  In other words, there are those in America today who would use a “Living Constitution” against the people of America – in a heart beat!  It would no longer be a protector of Americans it would become a weapon to be used against Americans by ruthless leaders who don’t give a whit about the liberty and freedom guaranteed American citizens by the original US Constitution.

Unfortunately, there is a growing clamor from the Political Left in America for a new constitution. Frighteningly, their numbers are growing. Many politicians in power today are amongst them -- as are many in the judicial community across America -- and even among the federal judiciary.

Before we continue, allow me to assure you that I am NOT among those who advocate for a new constitution nor do I believe the US Constitution is a “living document.”  No!  I believe the original constitution is responsible for making this country great.  It has made Americans the freest people anywhere on the planet today and as far back in history as you care to look. Even today when Americans are enduring a period of financial uncertainty, we are still the most prosperous people in history.  The original US Constitution made that possible.

The original constitution placed restraints on the government of America and those restraints allowed the American people to be, as the US Army used to say: “…
 All they could be!”  As a result, America became one of the most creative nations in history.

For many decades there has been a rather large number of Americans who have sought to crush America’s liberty, America’s freedom, and create a so-called “New America.”  They seek to create a “collectivist” society in America.  WE call it Socialism.  For many decades those people have pulled the strings of their marionettes in our national government – and they have done it from the shadows.  Now, however, their marionettes are in high positions of power within the US government.

Their actions tell us they intend to kill off the America we know and replace its government with a government not shackled by the democratic process, a government free of the burden of acting as representatives of the American people.  Ultimately, they intend to replace the US constitutional republic.  They will remove all control of the government by the people.  America will become that proverbial “Socialist Dung Heap.”  The constitution will be dead.

When we Americans look about, at our country today, we can readily see she bears little resemblance to the America of five or six decades ago.  There is a reason for that.

There are a number of Americans today who believe that the Shadow Government has been slowly, but surely, maneuvering a judicial form of government into place in America. Think about this -- more and more laws are being made by the federal judiciary than by the national legislature, the Congress, these days.  In many case, judges legislating from the bench were appointed to their current positions for life.  They are going to be there for a while and they are doing a great deal of harm to our country.  But, they have little to fear from the electorate as they, themselves, were not elected, and will never have to stand for election.

On the surface, America’s legislative process appears to be the same as always, but it is becoming more obvious, as time passes, that the responsibility for making America’s laws has been slowly shifting to the federal courts.

America is a nation in jeopardy of losing itself today.  The original constitution, which has been the protector of our freedom and liberty since 1787, is in deep trouble today.  There are those among us who would shred it, in a heartbeat, to get what they want – unbridled power.  It is the duty of every American to protect the original constitution from the forces of evil at work in our government today.

America is in need of rescue right now -- at this moment.  I contend that she has never, in her long history, been as threatened by power hungry men and women as she is today.

Ben Franklin, one of the founders of the country, told us they had given us a Republic, and he added these important words: “… if you can KEEP IT.”

As I write today, there is serious doubt that modern Americans are up to the challenge of safeguarding America’s liberty, and freedom. You may question how I can say that.  I would counter by asking, how else, then, do you explain the socialist government in Washington, DC, today?

In about fifteen months, or so,  Americans will be going to the polls again.  I intend to vote for the most conservative candidates on the ballot.  If we are to save America, I am convinced, THIS is where we begin.  After that, well, -- may God help us.

 © J. D. Longstreet

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