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Underground Bunkers and Agenda 21 ... Douglas V. Gibbs

Underground Bunkers and Agenda 21

By Douglas V. Gibbs
As a constitutionalist, local activist, and group organizer, the local battles are nearly overwhelming.  The average person shies away from causes like mine because to join up with what I am doing is to be exposed to what is really going on - and it is frightening to most newcomers.  Time has taught us that we need to focus our energies on what is best for our movement, especially when one considers that most people who are involved never cared about politics before 2008, and many folks are only now getting involved.

Big issues can sometimes seem insurmountable.  Sometimes hammering on the smaller issues seems like we aren't making a dent in the big picture like we want to.  For example, the big issue of Agenda 21, with a goal of taking the concept of "sustainable development" to a level of ultimate totalitarianism, is infiltrating our cities, counties, States and federal government without people even realizing it is happening.  Properties are being seized without actual seizure through "conservation" - in other words, you get to keep your property, but you can't develop it in any way due to strict regulations that are intended to protect the land.  Agenda 21 includes depopulation, and stacking-and-packing the remaining population into the population centers so as to leave the rural areas unspoiled by the parasitic influence of humanity.  Energy use is to be controlled, consumption is to be regulated, and property rights will eventually become a thing of the past.
Sometimes, the way to tackle the big issues, like Agenda 21, is to challenge and resolve smaller local issues.

A small issue in my locality was over the potential construction of an underground bunker in Menifee, California.  The property owner of an acre and a half desired to build this bunker on his property in the hopes that in the event of a catastrophe, he would be able to protect his family by leading them into this professionally engineered underground bunker, which he would also stock with food, water, and other necessary essentials of life.  When he sought permits from the city for the construction of his bunker, the city officials indicated to him that there was no ordinance for underground bunkers, so the city ordinance would have to be amended, which required the approval a a few departments, and the city council.  After all departments, including the Planning Commission, approved the proposed change to the city ordinance, the city council not only rejected the proposal, they refused to vote on it.

The builder, Protective Bunkers and Survival Center of Lake Elsinore, discussed the problem with me, so I decided to take on the issue.  We decided to flood the next city council meeting, confronting the city council, and demanding they take back up the issue, and allow the property owner to begin construction.

On the day of the city council meeting, with the help of many local activists, and the property owner's own call for help, over 200 people showed up in support of the home owner.  Weeks later, the proposal was approved, the ordinance began the process of amendment, and soon the property owner will be able to have the contractor build his underground bunker.

After the newspapers reported the success, I announced the happy results to the Constitution Association meeting in Murrieta.  After the meeting adjourned, a member of the group came to me in an attempt to scold me for pursuing too small of an issues.  "Agenda 21," she said, "needs to be our focus."

The Underground Bunker Issue, first of all, was a battle we could win, and I believe in picking your battles.  Second, though only a small part, it "is" an Agenda 21 issue - after all, was it not over property rights?

I am a firm believer that taking this country back, putting ourselves back on a constitutional course, begins at the local levels.  I believe the small issues are important, and they all ad up to the big issues.  We must devour the tyranny bit by bit, piece by piece, with the battles we can win.  Or as a good friend of mine once said, we must perform the basic math before we can take on calculus.

It may take a while, and it make take many hands, but the war can be won.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

It may take some time, and it may take many participants, but it can be done.  Eventually, all of those small bites add up to completely devouring the beast that we face.
Douglas V. Gibbs

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Doug V. Gibbs is a longtime Internet radio host, conservative political activist, writer and commentator; he is the host of Constitution Radio and teaches weekly classes on the Constitution in Southern California. Follow him @douglasvgibbs.

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