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The Left's Guilt is Weighing America Down ... J. D. Longstreet

The Left's Guilt is Weighing America Down
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


I am absolutely convinced that had America had the government we have today back in oh, say, the late seventeen hundreds and eighteen hundreds we would never have grown into the world power we became and, in fact, were - up until the Presidential Election in 2008.

Never in my life on this earth, as an American, have I seen the people of America so morose, so depressed, so completely whipped, as I see today. The ‘spirit” has almost gone out of the average American.  In biblical terms: our “countenance has fallen.”  In other words, our self-esteem has fallen through the floor - and then some.

The average American has watched as his job has fled from him, his home has been foreclosed upon, his car has been re-possessed, his president went traveling around the world, early in his first term,  apologizing for doing all the things that made America great, making the average American look and feel like a fool. Yes, Americans have a right to feel let down.

If I were a young man and had fewer responsibilities, I’d pack-up and move to Australia.  I am hearing more and more young American men uttering those words today than I have since the 1960’s, when a number of middle aged Americans took their families and fled to Australia.

But, you see, this is what socialism does to a people.  This is what socialism does to a country.  It guts it. It eviscerates a country and that country’s people.  It smothers their motivation.

There is little reason to feel any of that HOPE Obama preached about during his first campaign for the presidency. Oh, we got the “change” all right.  Yep!  Everything changed for the worst.  But, there simply is NO HOPE. Even if there was, the average American is without the energy to grasp even the proverbial straw.

Just a few short months ago America had limitless horizons. Today the American horizon lies just in front of the toes of his shoes. Americans find themselves  beaten down by a relentless government grown so big it sucks the air out of any project it touches. Once Obamacare goes into full effect, the US government will have, indeed, touched everything in America.

The average American’s nerves are strained so they are virtually vibrating as we are hit with a continuous parade of one crisis after another, many man-made and formulated, in my opinion, in the offices of the West Wing.  For the first time in the history of the United States, Americans speak of their government in hushed voices and in guarded tones for fear that someone friendly to the Obama Regime may overhear and report them to whomever one reports such things.  There is genuine fear of our government in America these days and, unfortunately, those in power have found they like it when Americans fear them.

Those of us accustomed to speaking out with our honest opinions about our government and what our government is doing have now found that we must weigh our words even more carefully, especially when the words we speak and scribble are not complimentary of the Obama Regime. Our speech, our actions, our affiliations, are all carefully scrutinized by the Obama Regime.

Unused to this fearful atmosphere many Americans are confused and disoriented and unable to combat the all out attack of socialism on our democracy.  The use of “thugocracy” to defeat democracy in America is an altogether new experience for most Americans, especially those of us who live outside the urban areas where the practice of strong-arm politics has been known for a hundred years.

Here in the hinterlands the aforementioned  “atmosphere of fear” will last only so long. There WILL be a backlash.  Fear will turn to anger. Americans will demand the return of their birthright of freedom and liberty, and they will not be denied.

Already Americans in the so-called “fly-over” country are well ahead of their brothers and sisters in metropolitan America in making the transition from fear to anger. Unwilling to live under the yoke of slavery lain across their shoulders by the politburo of Obama’s socialist Central Committee, they will not quietly accept the desecration of their constitutional rights. 

There are among us many who believe America may not survive.  I think she will.  But – America will never, I repeat, America will NEVER be the same as she was prior to the Obama Regime.  The doubt, the guilt liberals carry around like lead weights on their souls has now been draped onto the shoulders of this country.  It will drag us down.  Much as an athlete running the hundred-yard dash with weights tied to each leg, America will find she cannot distance herself from the pack as she has in her meteoric past.  Now she is a part of the mediocrity of the pack and there is no real future for a nation as an “also ran.” 

America was a leader.  No longer. That distinction has been stripped from us by the political left whose feelings of guilt for being superlative strangles the desire to excel.

Limits on America’s potential are imposed by those among us who preach “fairness” in all things. Fairness may provide a warm feeling but it throttles the ability to excel in those whom God has endowed with special abilities exceeding those of their fellow Americans.  America was a special place because she dared to  BE special.

Americans today are restrained by their government and by their fellow Americans by laws, the purpose of which, we are told, is to save the earth. Creativity and innovation, formerly the hallmark of American society will be, in fact already are, restraining the country from meeting standards of excellence that come naturally to a free people. And therein lies the key.

In the paragraph above I mentioned “a free people.”  People must be free to accomplish the truly marvelous things America has accomplished in her brief history.   By voluntarily giving up that freedom, that liberty, in 2008 America began her meteoric crash into the dustbin of history and relegated herself to the bone yard of once great nations.

© J. D. Longstreet   

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