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Consider The Source ... J. D. Longstreet

Consider The Source
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The Mainstream Media’s assault on evangelical Christian Conservatives is going to backfire on them. Some feel it has already begun.  Consider the number of major news outlets in financial trouble today.

First of all, it is wise to understand that the mainstream media in the US is the voice of the Democratic Party .... the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, if you will.    You must keep that in mind to be able to interpret what they disseminate as “news.” 

The MSM is out of touch with real Americans, especially real Americans who subscribe to the Christian faith… and to parse it even more… real Americans who subscribe to the evangelical brand of the Christian faith.  This disconnect has existed for decades now.  And yet, the MsM continues to flail about either not recognizing the problem, or intentionally ignoring it - even to their own detriment.

If the MsM had even the least understanding of the Christian faith, especially the Evangelical Christian faith, they would know that perfection is not required to be a Christian.  Making the attempt IS required, however.

The one tenant of the evangelical Christian faith that runs through their faith, as a binding thread, is that piece of scripture that says:  “For ALL have sinned and fallen short ….”  It is the commonality of ALL Christians. All Christians were sinners before becoming Christians and, guess what… they remain sinners afterwards!  The difference is “forgiveness” of those sins, AND, the sinner’s never-ending quest to live a life as nearly in accordance to the teachings of Christ as a human being, with all the frailties of humanity, can ever hope for.

The hallmark of the evangelical Christian is their ability to instantly forgive the transgressions of others upon the transgressor recognizing his/her sins, confessing them, and seeking forgiveness.  The arms of the evangelical church are flung wide open to accept, support, and even nurture those fellow “imperfect” Christians who have “fallen short”.  It is a hallmark of the faith.  To condemn the transgressor as somehow, worse than the rest of us Christians, is nothing short of hypocrisy… and hypocrisy is frowned upon as an arch sin, if there were, indeed, such a thing.

But you see, the Leftists and the MsM, which of course, is one and the same thing, have bought into their Hollywood version of Evangelical Christianity and they have come to actually believe their version is the true version.  It, apparently, has never crossed their minds that they could be wrong!  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worse degree of “wrongness”, then the MsM and the Democratic Party would be stuck on ten!

There is nothing quite so amusing as to watch the finger pointing of the left as it tries, vainly, to justify it’s own short comings by pointing to the short comings of others.  They have honed it into a fine art. Having done so, they are totally unaware that it portrays them as kindergarten children seeking the acceptance of the adult in charge. But, finding an adult amongst the leftists is a near impossible task.  They are few and far between.  The end result is the increasing degree of pathos on the left.  They have become, absolutely, pathetic.

The Left, meaning the Democratic Party, and, of course, the Mainstream Media, have all made a devastating error in judgment by assaulting Christian conservatives. For in doing so, they have assured their own elitism, locked-in their self-perceived perfection, and validated what all us “bumpkins” out here in flyover country already knew… and that is… there are none quite so fallible as those who perceive themselves infallible.

So, we leave the MSM on the sidelines of this life to sneer and point fingers and catcall in the vain hope of drawing our attention away from their mistake riddled, pitiful existence, as morality judges.  They have become so captivated by their passion, that in their zeal they have forgotten their very own mantra: “Do Not Judge”! 

The scriptures teach us to “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.  The Great Teacher, Himself, the Rabbi, the Christ, also told us “Ye shall know a tree by the fruit it bears.”  In other words, “recognizing by simple observation” is NOT judging.  Therefore, this humble scribe, in order to cover his bases, asks your forgiveness for observing that the MsM is, once again, acting as the elitist hypocrites we already know them to be. That is, of course, a simple observation on my part. That said… alas, we must forgive them, too.

© J. D. Longstreet

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