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Christie the Dem's Choice for GOP Presidential Candidate ... J. D. Longstreet

Christie the Dem's Choice for GOP Presidential Candidate
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


There are lots of things that are sure and certain like:  death, taxes, and democrats will cheat during elections.  Now we can add another to the ever growing list.  The Dems want Chris Christie, of New Jersey, to be the the GOP candidate for President in 2016.

The Mainstream Media, which is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, has already begun its less than subtle campaign to secure that position for Christie. 
The President's plan to utterly destroy the GOP is on the cusp of total success and having Christie as the 2016 GOP candidate for President would be the cherry on top.

Look.  Christie is, at best, a moderate to liberal, progressive republican.  This is the wing of the republican party that relegated the party to the wilderness for 40 years and is, in fact, doing it again -- even as we write this piece.

 I am convinced that Christie's wing of the GOP doesn't want to lead.  They are happiest when the democrats lead and they can stand back and take high sounding pot shots while becoming the perpetual loyal opposition.

Conservative republicans interested in leadership and especially in leading the country out of its malaise and back to world leadership had better get out of the GOP --  right now -- and form another party -- a party that will aggressively challenge the democrats who are quickly sewing up the political scene in America for at least a generation.

The leftist American press is assuring Americans that Christie is among the most electable GOP candidates in the running today.  What they fail to tell the American readership is this:  There are NO electable GOP candidates running today for President of the US.  NONE!

Look.  The 2016 presidential election is already lost to the Democrats.  The Dems already have the electoral college vote wrapped up. 

Consider this from an article by Myra Adams at The Daily Beast:   "After totaling the electoral votes in all the terminally blue states, an inconvenient math emerges, providing even a below average Democrat presidential candidate a potential starting advantage of 246. Here are the states and their votes:

CA (55), NY (29), PA (20), IL (20), MI (16), NJ (14), WA (12), MA (11), MN (10), WI (10), MD (10), CT (7), OR (7), HI (4), ME (4), NH (4), RT (4), VT (3), DE (3), DC (3).

Let me repeat, if only for the shock value: 246 votes out of 270 is 91 percent. That means the Democrat candidate needs to win only 24 more votes out of the remaining 292. (There are a total of 538 electoral votes.)  (Emphasis by underlining mine.)  SOURCE:

I am a life-long conservative and, until this time last year, I was a registered republican.  So, it gives me no pleasure, whatsoever, to make the prediction that Hillary has 2016 wrapped up.  In fact it tends to induce a potent bout of nausea.  But -- there it is.

Should Christie win the GOP nomination, the "stay at home" factor will rule the day on election day 2016.  If you think conservatives stayed at home when Romney was the candidate, in the words of Al Jolson: "You ain't seen nothing yet."   As likable as Christie is -- he is still seen as a northeastern moderate/liberal  candidate unacceptable to southern conservatives -- under any conditions.

But the leftist propaganda mill has already begun to grind out the puff pieces and PR pieces on Christie in an attempt to convince the republican electorate to support the ONLY candidate with any chance of winning against Hillary -- Chris Christie.  It is one of the oldest electioneering tricks in the book.   It is tried and true having worked many times in the past.

For more on the southern conservative feelings about Chris Christie we suggest you visit the Texas Fred Blog and read "Chris Christie Inducted into CAIR’s ‘Best List’ for Fighting ‘Islamophobia’."  You will find it at:

This is NOT a new problem or a problem just surfacing for Christie.  An article by Daniel Pipes & Steve Emerson entitled:  "Chris Christie’s Islam Problem"  published at National Review Online in May of 2012 REALLY lifts the skirt on Christie's history of cozzying up to the Muslim community.  It is disturbing to say the very least.  You'll find the article at:

Probably the most important thing to remember about Chris Christie is this ... he is a republican elected in a solid, I mean SOLID, democrat state.  Conservatives simply do not get elected to the post of governor in New Jersey.  But a RINO (Republican In Name Only) obviously can be -- and has been.

Remember that.

J. D. Longstreet

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