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Compromise? No Way! ... J. D. Longstreet

Compromise? No Way!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


In 2010 the electorate deliberately sent a new team of conservatives to Congress with the mission to block, obfuscate, or plainly put, do whatever was necessary to stop Obama and see to it that he could do no more harm to the country until we could purge Congress of all the Obama-like minded Marxists, especially in the Senate, out of our government and relieve the menace to America and to America's capitalist society.  Yes, it was self-imposed gridlock.  Obama and his minions HAD to be restrained for the sake of the country -- and, for the most part,  they were.  

For nearly five years now Americans have had a taste of what a socialist system would look like in America.  It has finally become clear that if Obama and his fellow socialists have their way -- America's middle class will cease to exist. 

It took a while for this lesson to sink in.  But Obamacare really brought the threat home and now Americans are fighting mad.

In less than a year Americans will return to the polls for the Mid-Term Election.  A great deal of the democrats in the US Senate will be up for reelection.  The Senate is the Congressional branch controlled exclusively by Obama's Marxist brethren.  It MUST be the target in November of 2014.

Conservatives must choose US Senate candidates carefully and offer a host of conservative candidates with true blue conservative credentials to the electorate with the understanding that those conservative candidates, should they win, will use their skills at business and economics to stop America's slow collapse and begin the restoration process so at least SOME of the damage done by Obama can be repaired.  It will, we know, take many years to right our ship of state and our economy.  But that is NOT GOiNG TO HAPPEN UNLESS AND UNTIL CONSERVATIVES CONTROL, at the very least, BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS, and in 2016, the office of President,  as well.

In the interim, I believe we must keep this warning from the Holy Scriptures ever before us:  "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan." Proverbs 29:2

I have noted before that there is, I believe,  a huge swath of the electorate who did, in fact, vote for Obama, believing he could do all those things he touted and promised.  They are now embarrassed by that vote.  Even though weighted down by guilt over what they helped do to our beloved country they are not going to openly admit it.  They will make a conscious effort to atone for that mistaken vote in the voting booth next November.

In the meantime, conservatives in Congress, especially the US House of Representatives, will have no choice but to continue to create road blocks to Obama's Marxist policies and his agenda as the Progressive element within the Congress doubles down on their efforts to pass Obama's agenda into law in advance of the 2014 election. 

By the way, do not be fooled.  The word "Progressive" is just another code word for Marxist.  Every few decades the Marxists are "found out" and they must change the nomenclature by which they are known publicly.  "Progressive" is just one of the names they have used since the early 1900's.

Look, gentle reader, Obama's socialism has no place in America.  It is a policy of personal defeat practiced by the defeated people of a defeated nation who live in constant fear.  Obamacare has shown the spotlight on his agenda to foist his brand of socialism off on America and the American public is finally enraged.  For the first time, many Americans are beginning to experience for themselves what we conservative's have warned about for well over five years. That is that Obama's agenda is NOT to build America up and help her claim the high ground again.  No!  His agenda is to manage America's decline!  How totally un-American is that?!

As of today, American conservatives, are in no mood to compromise on anything, anymore.  Too often conservative offers to compromise in the past have led to their being steamrolled by the socialist/Marxists.  It has happened entirely too often, so further compromise is off the table.

Continuing to offer compromise to the progressives is only insanity.  So, we're done.

Progressives believe their Socialist/Marxist agenda will work for America even better than it did in Europe.  Conservatives hold that that which works for Europe will not work for the USA. 

Most of us hail from families that left Europe generations ago to come to America precisely because America was/is different.  

Opportunity in America was limited only by a man's ambition and ability. The individual American built this country -- not the government.  In fact, it was the individual Americans from the thirteen colonies that created the US government.   And now THAT government is the primary road block to the dreams of so many Americans. 
But we can change that -- and we must -- or we will lose what is left of our freedom and our liberty.

J. D. Longstreet

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