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Is Obama The Last Black American President? ... J. D. Longstreet

Is Obama The Last Black American President?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Obama is, in fact, America's first black President, but he may well be America's LAST black President.



No, I don't mean the practice of racism, I mean, instead, the CLAIM of racism.

We've had 5 years of abject failure by the Obama Administration and a refusal by the democrats to take responsibility for the crashing and burning of their progressive agenda.  They continually blame racism for Obama's failure. 

If one even disagrees with Obama's direction, he/she is promptly called a racist. 

Well, we are sick of it.  We have had it up the the gunwales and then some.  So, we're not going there again, for a very long time, if ever.

Look.  We gave it a chance.  In fact, America bent over backwards to accommodate a black president.  Many of us think, myself included, we bent way too far. 

Obama's Administration was to have been a "feel good" presidency for the political left.  They could point to a black man in the White House with vest busting pride and stroke each other over their open-mindedness and their diversity and all the leftist hogwash they regularly spew through the left wing propagandists in the mainstream media.

On inauguration day, 2009, they immediately circled the wagons around Obama with the intention of defending him ... no matter what.

Well, it has now been five very long years of "no matter what."  Yes, they are  STILL defending him, but they have grown weary, and their jobs are now endangered as a result of their unquestioning loyalty to an obvious Marxist president.  The jobs of the press corp are not so much endangered as are the jobs of the democratic legislators in the Congress. 

The press can bleed readers and subscribers for a fairly long time before having to cut their losses.  Politicians can't bleed voters in like manner.  In the past couple of weeks the democrats have been hemorrhaging voters.  Thus their throat constricting fear.

As Election 2014 hoists itself over the horizon, panic has seized the hearts of many, if not most, of the democrats in the US Senate and the House. With good reason.

Americans are fed up. 

It takes a lot to stoke the spark of rebelliousness in Americans.  We put up with Great Britain a long while before rising up and throwing off the king's yoke.  Once the American passion for freedom has been fanned into a flame it soon grows into a firestorm.

The democrats are staring down the barrel of a fiery maelstrom straight out of Hell itself ... and they know it!

Those on the right -- AND the left -- no longer feel constrained and are speaking boldly against America's first black President's lies and broken promises, promises not made in good faith to the American people.

In the past few days as I watched and listened to the democrats railing against their very own Obamacare law, William Shakespeare's words as spoken by Hamlet's mother, Queen Gertrude, rolled through my consciousness: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." (Hamlet, act III, scene II)  The democrats words sound hollow and insincere as did the words of the Player Queen to whom Hamlet's mother was referring.

One must wonder how all this sniping and back-biting -- and a few flat-out frontal attacks by those who have spent the greater part of the past five years defending him must feel to our deeply narcissistic leader.  Obama's skin may be black, but it is seriously and legendarily thin. 

Obama and his supporters would do well to remember that no matter what they may call it, this is NOT racism.  It is POLITICS and it is a bruising, bitter, blood sport when played in the American political arena.

Black politicians, especially those interested in running for the highest office in the land, should learn that as long as they have coattails their fellow politicians (of the same political persuasion) will happily ride them to acclaim and even victory.  BUT -- stumble so that it reflects badly upon them and they will happily hang you with those very same coattails and leave you swinging to and fro in the wind.  Mr. Obama has to be feeling the falling away of the many layers of protective insulation he has enjoyed for five years now.  It cannot be a pleasurable feeling.

So, our advice to any black politician considering running for President of the United States:  insist that your followers, your supporters, your entourage, never allow the word racism to pass their lips.  Americans having endured eight years of that lame excuse will not even allow the shadow of that politician to fall upon them.

As I said above -- we've had it with being slammed by accusations of racism when it is noting more than good ole American politics.

J. D. Longstreet


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