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Democrat's Dictators Du Jour ... J. D. Longstreet

Democrat's Dictators Du Jour
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


What is it with democrats and dictators?  They (democrats) just seem to love them (dictators) so!

It was often said of Jimmy Carter that he never met a dictator he didn't like.   You may recall it was President Carter who provided sanctuary/asylum (whichever!) for the Shah of Iran.  We are still, to this day, paying for that blunder!  Obama seems to be following in Carter's footsteps on many things and having a penchant for dictators is one of them.  Although, Obama seems to prefer Marxist dictators.

America's democratic presidents just seem to gravitate toward the world's dictators.  Ever notice that?  Even FDR had the Soviet Union's Joe Stalin.

I think we often forget that liberalism is an authoritarian philosophy.  Liberals understand that THEY are smarter than everyone else and it is THEY who have a Providential right to govern, to rule over, to "dictate" to the remainder of the human race.  (Not unlike the "divine right of kings") In their mind, the world would be a much better place if those of us who demand our freedom would just relent , relax, recant, and retire and allow THEM to do the job for which they were born into this world.

I have come to believe that liberal/Progressive democrats yearn to be like dictators, therefore they tend to hover around them much as moths do a flame.

“If there is ever a fascist takeover in America, it will come not in the form of storm troopers kicking down doors but with lawyers and social workers saying. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.”  (Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning)

Maybe that explains all the "secret" talks, the sub-Rosa negotiations between Obama and the Castro brothers, and Obama and the Iranians.  It may also explain Mr. Obama's obvious liking for the former late Marxist President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. 

Then there is the Russian,  Putin, or as some are referring to him (Ras)Putin.   Obama insisted on rebooting America's relationship with Russia.  Why?  I thought the mutual distrust was serving us well.  Actually, it served us far better than the NEW relationship in which Obama trusts and Putin distrusts -- and disrespects -- America.

If this piece seems to be cutting uncomfortably close to the truth here, ask yourself what else don't we know about our obviously Marxist President -- and  -- with whom is he talking -- AND -- negotiating in secret?

If you had any doubt about the democrat's penchant for dictatorships consider this: 

In a piece by Joe Newby, published on December 6th, 2013 by The Examiner and entitled: "Liberal Democrats to Obama: Rule like dictator on minimum wage, deportations," The writer says the following: "It seems liberal Democrats are ready to throw the Constitution out the window and grant Obama dictatorial powers to advance his agenda, according to two stories reported in the last two days. On Wednesday, Salon said 49 House Democrats demanded Obama use executive orders to raise the minimum wage of some workers. On Thursday, CNN said Democrats also want Obama to suspend all deportation of illegal immigrants using executive orders.

It's not the first time liberal Democrats have demanded Obama bypass Congress and essentially rule like a dictator.

Last December, for example, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested giving Obama dictatorial power to raise the debt ceiling to infinity, and others -- like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Il.,-- have repeatedly begged for Obama to unilaterally act on illegal immigration.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and others have said Obama should unilaterally act on the debt ceiling, bypassing Congress and assuming the mantle of a tyrant.

Now, liberals in Congress want Obama to assume even more power.
Now.  Consider this from the Washington Times:  "Ever since Barack Obama was nominated in 2008 as the Democratic candidate for the president of the United States, his staunchest critics have implied that he had the makings of a dictator.

Those admonitions were not taken at all seriously, however, and the liberal media ridiculed anyone if they dared suggest the new president was anything but the messiah.
Those of us who saw then what the press is finally seeing now were dismissed and ridiculed as racist.

After several years of being told we were wrong about President Obama’s authoritarian streak, the liberal media are finally starting to consider that this president may be the very megalomaniac we said he was."   SOURCE:

OK, so -- if you think, maybe, megalomaniac is a bit harsh, maybe a little strong, how about  this: A pathological egotist?  And tell me again. What trait do dictators share ... megalomania ... or  pathological egotism?

Uh-huh ....

J. D. Longstreet
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