Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11... Remembering

Six years ago this morning, I stood rooted to the floor, in front of my TV set, as the second plane flew from a perfectly blue sky into the side of a giant, hollowed-out, steel and glass monolith filled with my fellow Americans taking thousands of them to their deaths.

It was no accident.

At first my mind refused to accept what it already knew. This was no accident. This was planned and coordinated by the wicked, cruel, mind of some evil genius from the depths of Hell itself. I felt the weight of the mantle of war drift down, silently, to settle upon my shoulders just as it had at the beginning of each of the previous major wars my country has been involved with beginning in December of 1941. It is a heavy burden. A burden I never wanted to carry again. But this time, this time, the enemy had deliberatly targeted innocent civilians, telling us, up front, what kind of war this would be… a war to the death… with no quarter from them.

So be it!

As I stood, rooted to the floor before the TV… my phone began to ring… one call behind another. The one which stands out, above all the others, was a near panicked call from a dear friend who happens to be a liberal… an anti-war, peace-loving, liberal. She asked of me what was happened, her voice cracking in fear and utter disbelief. I told here: ”We are at War. The enemy has just sent us a message by striking our ideological centers, the Military, the Government, and our Financial Institutions, the bedrock of capitalism.” I repeated: “We are at war!” With an audible “gulp” she rang off. In the days, weeks, and months which followed, we had many discussions centered around 9-11. She never, never, understood what had happened that day and still does not, to this day.

That said… judging from the hearings in DC yesterday, with General Petraeus, it is such an easy thing to see… the Liberals still do not understand what happened on September 11th, 2001, 6 years ago to this day. And what’s more, they will not understand it up to, and including, the day of their deaths. It isn’t in them. They are hardwired to ignore that which is not pleasant and that which is difficult, unsightly, disturbing, and, for all intents and purposes, REAL. They must, for they cannot deal with it! That wiring was left out when their creator created them.

In order to achieve self-preservation, conservatives must push past them to assure safety for their families. We will do that. It will not be pretty. It will, in fact, be ugly. But it is, in fact, necessary and… it will be done.

Americans had a bit of difficulty deciding the culprits of the first 9-11 disaster. We found them in short order, however. The second time… we will not even bother to look, for we know where they are, where they live.

We’ll be coming.


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kip said...

Wow! If you really believe the words you wrote, you are scary.

Longstreet said...

Kip: I suppose hearing conservatism spelled out like that IS scary for a liberal. But… not for a fellow conservative.

Conservatives know what we believe. We have those core beliefs you hear the Mainstream Media making sport of. Yes, we love our country and we will do whatever it takes to defend her from enemies outside her borders and inside her borders. When the chips are down, conservatives rally. Liberals tend only to get in the way. They are hopelessly useless in a national crisis. And, in fact, impede any action toward solving the problem.

Conservatives have never feared liberals… for we know they are the personification of weakness and we know that as bad as it may get, in the US, at anytime (when run by the liberals), we can ride right over them and retake this country in something just short of a minute.

Our enemies know of the shallowness of liberals and the ease with which they can be manipulated… and they use empty headed liberals in every conflict the US has been involved in against the liberal’s own country. Where do you think the term “Useful Idiots” comes from? It is in reference to liberals so weak they lend aid and comfort to the US’s enemies simply by existing in sensitive offices of our government.

Best regards!