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War With Iran is Inevitable. It’s as Sure As Sunrise!

War With Iran is Inevitable. It’s as Sure As Sunrise!

There’s something wrong with all those rumors being reported in the press these days about the US preparation to go to war against Iran. Oh, not that we aren’t preparing to bomb Iran back to the stone age... we most certainly are! Our ally Israel has been rehearsing their bombing runs over Iran for months now in preparation for their part in the raids when they begin. I don’t believe we will be able to keep Israel out of this one the way we have the conflicts with Iraq. No, Israel’s life is on the line here and honor dictates we must allow them to defend themselves.

Back to those rumors. I am satisfied that all those mainstream media rumors around the world the past few days are a way of serving notice on Iran (and on those nations of the world who always stand on the sidelines and hurl obscenities at us while we are going about the business of saving their sorry behinds, again and again, at the price of the blood, and lives, of American warriors) that we have had enough! The US has three friends we can count on: the UK, Australia, and yes... Israel… although the Aussies get a little shaky at times…their hearts are in the right place.

Again, let’s consider the timing of those rumors. First of all the US War Planners don’t wait until the last minute to plan a war… any war. Invasion plans, for practically every country on the face of the earth, are planned out already, to the nth degree and locked away in the deepest darkest vaults of the Pentagon. They will never be used, hopefully, but in the event they are needed, we have an instantaneous war plan, which will need only a little revising. So, for the press to report that the War Planners are just now planning air strikes against Iran rings very hollow. Those plans were made months and years ago. Some new targets, I’m sure, have been added and a new strategy, or two, added, but, by and large, our plans to attack Iran are made… and have been for a very long time.

And another thing, do not be surprised when the mainstream media begins to breathlessly report the presence of US troops on the ground in Iran. I mean, we have now, and have had for a very long time, US Special Forces, and others, on the ground, inside Iran, locating targets and fixing coordinates for the bombers and/or cruise missiles coming soon. They are busy locating those nuclear facilities and assessing what it will take, in the way of ordinance, to blow them to kingdom come. (Probably bunker busting low yield nukes.)

I suspect that, very soon, you will hear, on the TV news, and your newspapers, of mysterious firefights inside western Iran, just a few miles across the Iraq/Iran border. Iran will protest loudly that American forces attacked defenseless western Iranian villagers, and so forth. What will be happening is… US forces will be attacking bomb-making factories in Iran from which those Iranian IED’s, which are responsible for killing the vast majority of US Killed in Action, come from. Plus, those secretive warriors will be destroying Iranian staging areas from which Iranian troops are making raids into Iraq. Already the US is building a permanent military base near the routes used by the Iranians to cross into Iraq. While construction is under way UK troops are patrolling those troublesome border areas, which will be turned over to the US Military once the base(s) are completed.

The Straits of Hormuz, at the southern end of the Persian Gulf, is a bottle neck through which much of the world’s oil must pass. Those straits must be, and will be defended... at all costs. The Iranians know this and they are preparing some of their most devastating armament to fire on US ships defending those straits. Look for those Iranian installations to be hit first when the war against Iran begins. Tneir radar sites, their communication centers and their command and cntrol centers will all disappear simultaneously... BEFORE the bombers and missiles strike.

Another thing, Syria uses Iranian built air defense radar systems. Those Israeli forays into Syrian airspace were, I believe, for the purpose of probing that Iranian built radar, to learn it’s strengths and weaknesses. Those bombing attacks were, most likely, targets of opportunity… and a pretty good façade to cover the real intent of the Israeli raids into Syrian air space. You can bet American and Israeli war planners are discussing what Israel learned from those raids... and planning accordingly. Those North Korean supplied Nukes, bombed by the IAF in those raids, was a plum on top of the pudding. Valuable information was gleaned and damage was done to Syria’s nuclear threat to Israel. Plus, the US has learned that, once again, North Korea is lying! (So what else is new?)

The table is being set, place setting-by-place setting, for war with Iran. The planning did not just begin. The US has known for a very long time that war with Iran was inevitable.

“Oh”, but you say, “Congress will stop it!” No. They can’t. The War Powers Act gives the Commander in Chief the power to attack Iran any time he chooses and report what he has done to Congress in a “timely” manner. He has no real reason to even discuss his intention to attack Iran with members of Congress before the fact. In fact, I would advise him not to! (Miss Rice’s resignation not withstanding.)

So… now... we wait for the inevitable. War with Iran. It’s coming.


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