Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disarming Americans by Diagnosis!

The "GunGrabbers" are at it again!

In there never ending crusade to rid Americans of their defense against a tyrannical government, the gungrabbers are working 'round the clock to take American's guns away!

Now comes word of HR 2640 and the new attempt to disarm Americans.

"World Net Daily" has an excellent article on this menace to freedom. You'lll find it here:

It's time to get on the phone to your Senators and begin streaming those e-mails and faxes in to their offices. This attempt to take away our guns must be stopped!


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Frank said...

I just don't understand this is the one thing that a few liberals do.... Not all, our governor Ted Strickland is very pro 2nd ammendment, but anyway this is the one thing that some liberals do that just doesn't seem too liberal. Maybe I am confused I want people (individuals) to be able to do pretty much what ever they want. I want trade regulated, borders protected, and some services from my government that are for the betterment of us all... I.E. roads, healthcare, things that don't get done too cost effectively in the private sector when profits over ride the actual quality of service, and something Bill Clinton did, a balanced budget and deficit cutting.