Friday, September 14, 2007

"Hillary Care Two"... On The Way!

National Health Insurance? No way!

“National Health Insurance” is one of the primary tools used by a government to control her people. That alone is enough for me to be whole-heartedly against it.

Now, lets get something straight… I believe the Health Insurance Companies, in America, deserve what they get. They have been, in my opinion, abusing their subscribers for entirely too long. Rates have risen thru the roof at an undeservedly fast pace. Sure medical costs have gone up, but not at the percentages your insurance premiums have gone up. This has to stop. But National Health Care is a cure worse than the disease.

Now comes word that Mrs. Bill Clinton is working on a new National Healthcare proposal. I don't know about you but that scares me half to death! For the story go here:

This is out and out SOCIALISM folks and has no place in a democratic country! If you think government is too big now... you ain't seen nothing yet!

More government in our lives is more than just a little bit scary. Once National Healthcare is implemented, and don’t get me wrong, I believe some form will be, your life will be under the control of the administrators of that insurance.

For instance, lets say you have an obesity problem. You have developed a heart problem as a result of the obesity. You need treatment for your heart. National Health Care says: “OK, we will not pay for the heart treatment until you lose weight”. Or, they provide all citizens with a chart; approved by the FDA, of the “Approved Foods” all citizens should eat. They make it clear that if you cannot show proof of having ingested those “approved” foods, on a regular basis, also decided by them, you Health Insurance is no good. You will not receive treatment.

Or, another example, you may be allowed to have one child only. It must be a boy. (See China.) If you choose to have another baby, after the approved ONE, the costs will come out of your pocket. Get the picture?

Now, this does not take into account the reduced quality of care we will receive from the medical community. Their hearts will not be it. After 10 years. or so, in school, to learn their profession and they will become “salaried government employees”. Need I say more?

The left is hell-bent on imposing such a system on the citizens of this country. That is another reason we must refuse them power, ever again, in the Congress. At least in numbers large enough to affect legislation.

National Health Care is a Socialist dream. It is also a Conservative’s worst nightmare.

We must be on our guard, for some form of National Health Care is about to raise its ugly head in the Nation’s legislature. It is time for conservatives to exercise their power and stop it in its tracks as we did the “Clinton Care” attempt in the ‘90s.

Lets get it done.


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TexasFred said...

I'm not in good health, haven't been for 5 years now, thank God I have private coverage, otherwise, I'd likely be dead, and if we ever go to socialized medicine, a lot of folks WILL die, waiting for treatment...

Socialized medicine is a disaster, and that's exactly what the USA will be if the Witch gets in office..

And yeah Longstreet, I said WITCH, I am trying to be somewhat nicer... :)

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

You need treatment for your heart. National Health Care says: “OK, we will not pay for the heart treatment until you lose weight”. - Happens all the time here.

You have hit on the most important factor. The health service here is staffed by people who rely on the government for their wages – no question who they will vote for. Longstreet - as a matter of intesest I pay 7% of my monthly salary (taken out before I see it) towards our wonderful National Health Service. How does that compare to Health Insurance?

Longstreet said...

Like those of us against National Healthcare say: "If you think Healthcare is expensive NOW... just wait 'til its FREE!"

Besides... if we DO institute a National Healthcare... where will the Canadians go for healthcare???

Best regards,


Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Free health care – it costs 104bn GBP met directly from general taxation to provide sub-standard health care to 60million here. I hope you have very deep pockets.