Friday, September 28, 2007

Russia’s SUPERIOR Inferiority Complex!

Russia’s SUPERIOR Inferiority Complex!


If there is anything more obvious, down through history, than Russia’s inferiority complex… well, I can’t think of it. Maybe you can. I can’t.

I am past my mid sixth decade of life on this planet and I have experienced Russia’s “Love America/Hate America" swings throughout my life. The one constant about Russia you can count on is... that she will change her mind... and often. The other is that Russia, for some reason is always looking to stretch out and spread. She has wanted a warm water port on the Mediterranean since Peter the Great built the first REAL Russian navel fleet. She still doesn’t have it and it chafes something awful.

Through the centuries Russia has suffered under grandiose schemes by it’s rulers and with each failure there has been added another layer of shame. That shame has developed into a vast national inferiority complex. The latest debacle was socialism/communism. I collapsed of it’s own weight.

When Russia finally decided to join the rest of the world as a democracy, of sorts, the US flew in all sorts of experts to teach and train Moscow how a capitalist system operates. All the while, we here in the west, could not shake the feeling of resentment we were receiving from the Russians. Russia simply couldn’t understand that we offered our help simply because we wanted to be friends. We wanted an ally in Russia.

Well, what we have gained, is an ally closely associated with Brutus! (Et tu Brutae?)

Now we are expected to suffer the indignity of Russian bombers invading our airspace, as they did so often during the Cold War. Those Bear bombers flew just off the NC coast where I am sitting as I write. All over the world Russian bombers are encroaching on the sovereign airspace of other nations. It’s a pain in the rear.

So what does it mean. Not much.

The Russia inferiority complex is showing again… that’s all.

Russia has a crying need to be noticed. (One of the hallmarks of an inferiority complex.) If they are NOT noticed, and noticed often, they feel neglected and they sulk. Russia is sulking… again. So, she puts her planes in the air and makes a show of presenting a threat to other countries… just so she can be NOTICED!

Well, if that’s all it is. “HEY, PUTIN! We see ya, man! Now put your toys away!”

Oh, and the environmentally friendly daddy of all bombs the Russkies showed us a few days ago… same thing. Theirs is bigger than ours! Has to be for them to feel, well, masculine.

Putin? Well, Putin intends to be the next dictator of Russia. He has honed himself for it. His KGB training is coming in handy these days as he slowly tightens the screws on his country in the tradition of the Russian and Communist dictators who have gone before him.

So, are we looking at the making of another Czar of Russia? Most likely. This time, however, the Czar will be sitting atop an ocean of liquid gold… oil! A Russian dictator with power AND wealth… spells trouble with a capital “T”.


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Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

“She has wanted a warm water port on the Mediterranean since Peter the Great built the first REAL Russian naval fleet. She still doesn’t have it and it chafes something awful.”
Latakia in Northern Syria is where the Russian Navy is now deploying, and only 60 miles from the nearest NATO base in Cyprus.

Longstreet said...

That explains a lot of things in the Middle East!

Francis W. Porretto said...

We should shoot their planes down, wait for their diplomatically expressed outrage, and tell them to shove it where the moon don't shine. Dictatorships should get no slack!