Thursday, September 13, 2007

Of Kongress and Kangaroo Courts!

Of Kongress and Kangaroo Courts!

As I looked upon the row upon row of dour faced Congressional Representatives glaring down at two American patriots as if they were gladiators in the Roman coliseum this week, where these gladiators were forced to defend the way they have managed to keep, that semi-circle of old men, old hippies, flower children, peace love and dope “has beens” safe… I had to fight revulsion. As I scanned their faces I could not keep myself from thinking that 50% of those guys needed to be in nursing homes and the other 50% needed to be in jail. You choose which half goes where!

As I watched them show such horrific depths of disrespect for the men and women in uniform, represented by Gen. Petraeus, I could not help but wonder what their disposition would be had the good general showed up backed-up with 150, or so, Abrams M1-A1 battle tanks with their barrels pointed in toward that chamber. I smiled at that mental picture.

Ok, so that’s a bit extreme… even for me. But, I must tell you, it riles me to watch a display of disrespect for America’s warriors paraded out on stage by a group, the entire value of which would not equal the value of just one of America’s fighting men, or women, to this country. It pains me to see them mock the very men and women who keep them free, who secure their jobs, who secure the safety of their families, and secure their very reason for existence.

And, before you ask, yes, the US Congress, and the entire US government, exists at the pleasure of the US Military. For at any time they chose to do so, they could own this country, lock, stock, and government! It is only the love of country that keeps the US Military in check against it’s own government. Never forget that.

The smirking faces on the empty heads of the Congressional Committee glaring down at Gen. Petraeus have forgotten that. They gloat on a power they do not have. At the same time… a single soldier … one single American warrior… sits before 435 congresspersons… on his own… with more power at his fingertip than that that entire “august body” can even contemplate. And they ask him to genuflect and kiss their rings???? How decidedly idiotic!

In any event, the whole thing has blown up in their faces and the American people have had another look behind the carefully crafted facades of those who would wield power in America. Like the hockey mask of the popular horror movie icon, it hides something even more hideous. Hatred. Pure, raw, undiluted hatred. The kind of hatred, which poisons the very air, they breathe.

It has often been said the reason the war between the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians continues is because the so-called Palestinians hate Israel more than they love their children. Pretty much the same can be said of the American Left. They hate George Bush more than they love their country. And it shows. It was on display before the cameras and microphones of the world earlier this week.

Since the Democrats took charge of the Congress, some 8 or 9 months ago… what have they accomplished? Nothing. However, they have begun over three hundred investigations, closer to four hundred investigations, of the Bush Administration. It is there for all to see. The Democrats aren’t interested in doing anything for America. They are interested in destroying George Bush. That is their sole reason for getting up, getting dressed, and going to work each morning. It is the force that drives them.

I have my own differences with the Bush Administration. So, I will not be defending them. Besides, they’re all adults and well able to do that themselves. But I can point out… to any who might have missed it… the American Left seeks power for power’s sake, not to do good for the country.

The arrogance of power is the undoing of all tyrants. The more powerful they become the more arrogant they become... until the populace becomes tired, or just plain fed-up. The democrats have pushed the arrogance envelope just about as far as it is capable of being pushed in a free country.

But, you know… they THINK they are playing it safe. They have been deliberately taking, what they believe to be, a low profile these past few months in anticipation of winning the elections in 2008. Once they control, the entire US government… save for the judicial branch… they intend to let it all hang out (as my generation used to say). In other words, to begin remolding the way you live, and work, and play as Americans. Their intent is to control your life. But what happened to freedom, you ask? Gone. We will have given it away at the ballot box.

America is on the cusp of a 21st century revolution… American style. No tyrant can have a successful armed revolution in America. The citizenry is too well armed and too well versed in the use of those arms. But, a smart tyrant can pull off a successful UNARMED revolution in America and that… THAT… is what we are seeing unfold, right before our eyes, in modern day America in this year of our Lord 2007. Observe the unprecedented undermining of a government, duly elected by the citizens of the country, by a political entity, which has never accepted the will of the people or the judicial system in America.

I fully expect the Leftist Revolution in America to be successful. I fully expect the left to gain control of the government of the US in 2008. And, as all tyrants are wont to do… they will overstep, and push past the constitutional limits on their power. When that happens, we conservatives have an ace in the hole. The US Military. That single soldier sitting before that tribunal earlier this week, like Daniel in the Lion’s Den, will save our country, our constitution, and our way of life. It is they, upon whom it will fall, to save the Republic by retrieving the country from the leftist tyrants and restoring it to it’s rightful owners… the American people.

The American Left would do well to be a lot more respectful of the US Military. For those good men and women, they disdain so much, may well turn out to be their keepers.

There are limits. You may not see them… they may not be evident, but believe me, limits are there… limits are in place. And, you can believe, there are mechanisms, in place, to enforce those limits. It would seem our friends on the left side of the aisle need to be reminded of this fact.

Whether from the Left or the Right, tyrants will only be suffered briefly in America. That is a thought well worth remembering by those who would be America’s ruling class.

I would again point to that lone warrior in green confronted by that semi-circle of self-importance this week in Washington. That single figure represented by the arrows clutched in the talons of the powerful American eagle is the protector of the American people. Even from other Americans.


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Frank said...

How many "witch hunts" were started into Bill Clinton by republicans, only difference is the ones into Bill Clinton turned up no wrong doing or abuse of power..... Just a STAINED DRESS, big freaking deal, Bush oversteps the power of his office everyday.

(Welcome back, and God bless)

Longstreet said...

Thanks, Frank! It's good to be back. Still not hitting on all eight cylinders... but I'm getting there.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Of course had we looked into Clintons lack of doing his Presidential duty in protecing this country, we may not have had 9/11.

If he had spent more time securing the border and taking out Osama, than staining dresses and playing with cigars...just imagine.

Frank said...

Of course had we looked into Clintons lack of doing his Presidential duty in protecing this country, we may not have had 9/11.
Clinton was a god and above reproach compared to this idiot and his minions.....

"Execute a conservative in '08"

Longstreet said...

Frank, that idiot, Bush, must be the smartest idiot around. Because.. as dumb as he is... he continues to beat the Dems at their own game! Durndest thing I have ever seen!

Best regards,