Monday, September 24, 2007

Gungrabbers at work!

Gungrabbers at work!

Recently there was a Mainstream Media article concerning the fact that the US is the most heavily armed nation in the world. The article went on to explain that the guns were in private hands… they are in the hands of the men and women citizens of the country… not the military. The military has it’s own weapons. I suppose this was supposed to surprise American citizens, somehow.

What’s happening, all of a sudden, to bring on these “gun stories”? Well, the Left is feeling it’s oats right now. They have reason to believe they will win the 2008 Presidential election and… if they do… and if they retain control of the two houses of Congress, you can “bet the farm” that gun control legislation will be among the first items on the New Congress’ agenda of things to pass.

Why is gun control so popular among the leftists of the world? Simple. As long as we are armed we can shut down the Left any time we feel they have stepped too far over the line to be tolerated. They know that. They also know that they have come very close to that line on a number of occasions one of which was during the last Clinton Administration. The left understands that if Mrs. Clinton is elected, those few American citizens not already armed will arm themselves, post haste. It is the prudent thing to do. Those of us on the Right understand that the Clintons are on the point of the spear of the movement to transform America from a democratic republic to a socialist hellhole. It’s not going to happen without a fight. The left cannot count on the US Military to back them up as 90% of the US Military is conservative. Very few Leftists ever feel the need to serve their country in the military.

The Left has been trying, since the 1930s, to install communism/socialism in America. They have failed at every attempt. So these days Incrementalism is the way to go. At least… that is the latest strategy the Left is using to slowly slip socialism into the American mainstream. It began with Social Security, then Welfare, then government-sponsored healthcare for children, government indoctrination centers know popularly as Public Schools, and the latest is, of course, the ever-popular Leftist dream, National Healthcare. But one thing stands in the way of their fulfilling that dream: Mr. and Mrs. America… and their guns.

For the Leftist dream to be successful American citizens must give up their guns. We’re not going to do that. The gun won this country from the Mother Country. The gun secured the remainder of the country between the two oceans and the gun has made us a free people and kept us free. So far, we have not forgotten that. But that memory is slowly being erased by the Left’s indoctrination of our children in the Public Schools of America. As a result many families are pulling their children out of the public school systems. More religious organizations, than ever before, are considering beginning their own nationwide school system. I think that is a very good idea. Our children need the education they are not getting anymore from our public schools.

Even private schools and home schooling is seen, and rightly so, as a threat to the Left. Many Leftist politicians are openly talking of heading an effort to make it illegal to educate your children in anything other than… a public school. Do you need any more evidence, than that, to convince you the Left is using the public school system to indoctrinate your children in the ways of the Godless, secular, socialist, Left?

But they can achieve none of this so long as the American public is armed to the teeth.

So, clean those guns and keep your powder dry.


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