Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The President Has Obviously Taken Leave of His Senses!

The press reported thus week that President Bush wanted to see a Universal Health Insurance plan for all Americans in place before he leaves office! How can a sane individual make such a statement!

I don't know how many times, on this site, and others, that I have stated the President, President Bush, is NOT A CONSERVATIVE!!! If you ever doubted me on this... then here is all the evidence you need!

For details on this story... go here:

I'll say it again: UniversaL Healthcare is Socilaized Medicine and has no place in a democratic America. There is no constitutional right to healthcare in America. If you doubt me... slip over to the right-hand sidebar, on this site, and click on the US Constitution and look for it yourself. You won't find it... because it isn't there.

Our forefathers wanted us to live FREE! Healthy if we can, but freedom was uppermost in their minds when they wrote that governing document.

Every American, and even illegal Immigrants, get healthcare when they show up at a hospital... anywhere in America. It is federal law that the hospital must treat them even though they have no Health Insurance. Those of us who do have Health Insurance pick up the tab. Remember this the next time you see one of those tear-jerking ads on TV about the poor huddled masses dying because we don't care enough to GIVE them free health care. Remember... that is so much BUNK! We already do that ... and have been doing that for many decades!

It is insane to push Socialized Medicine on Americans and force us farther down the road to European style socialism! Universal Healthcare is flat out UNAMERICAN!!! It has NO PLace In America!


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