Friday, September 21, 2007

Majority of GOP Kentucky State Representatives Endorse Fred Thompson

Press Release from Thompson Campaign 9.20.07
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Majority of GOP Kentucky State Representatives Endorse Fred Thompson
McLean, VA - More than half of Kentucky's Republican State Representatives endorsed Fred Thompson for President of the United States today, calling Fred Thompson the candidate most qualified to win the nomination and the general election in 2008.

Rep. James Comer said: "Senator Thompson has a history of being a strong proponent of conservative values and is a proven leader... Fred Thompson is the clear favorite among the electorate in my legislative district."

House Minority Floor leader, Jeff Hoover, said: "Kentuckians can rest assured that this is a man who shares our Kentucky values and will take them to Washington as he leads our nation in these turbulent times."

Senator Thompson stated: "I am very pleased that a majority of my Republican friends in the Kentucky House of Representatives have chosen to endorse me. With their help, we can take a consistent conservative message and agenda to the White House."

These endorsements follow the enthusiastic reception Thompson received on his successful campaign tour through Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire and Tennessee. On September 13th, Thompson received the endorsement of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran.

The following 20 State Representatives have endorsed Thompson:
Sheldon Baugh (Russellville)
Kevin Bratcher (Louisville)
James Comer (Tompkinsville)
Tim Couch (Hyden)
Ron Crimm (Louisville)
Jim DeCesare (Bowling Green)
Myron Dossett (Pembroke)
C.B. Embry (Morgantown)
Bill Farmer (Lexington)
Danny Ford (Mt. Vernon)
Jeff Hoover (Jamestown)
Russ Mobley (Campbellsville)
Brad Montell (Shelbyville)
Lonnie Napier (Lancaster)
Marie Rader (McKee)
Steven Rudy (West Paducah)
Charles Siler (Williamsburg)
Tommy Turner (Somerset)
Ken Upchurch (Monticello)
John Vincent (Ashland)

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Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson supports abortion, adn the N.A.U.

Longstreet said...

"Fred Thompson supports abortion, adn the N.A.U."

Best regards!