Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Clinton Presidency? God Forbid!!!

(This Article first ran in April of 2006. It has been updated, somewhat, for this posting.)

Another Clinton Presidency? God Forbid!!!
“The Conservative Voice” has an article by Nathan Tabor, a political activist from here, in North Carolina, which raises many of the concerns Americans should have over the return of the Clintons to the Executive Mansion and the Office of President of the US.

Read the “spot on” article at:

I sincerely hope American learned their lesson as a result of the first Clinton debacle. Unfortunately, many did not.

If the Clintons DO manage to win, or in some other way regain, the White House… watch for the sale of hand guns, and long guns, to skyrocket, ammunition sales to skyrocket, and Militia Units to spring up all across the nation, just as they did during the first Clinton "blot on history" known as the Clinton Administration.

Conservatives, and America is far and away Conservative, do not trust those people and we already know our national security will be at risk as well as the security of our families.

The low morals they displayed, for the world to see in the nineties, shocked many Americans. They had read of such things but never expected to live to experience them, especially in a leader of the free world. Their lack of concern for anything other than their legacy, their image, and the satisfaction of their own carnal desire for money, fame, and sexual pleasure, was staggering. And Americans will be asked to forget all that as though it never happened.

I can think of no other husband and wife team quite like them… save for Juan and Evita Peron of Argentina.

Some hard decisions are going to have to be made between now and November of ’08. Conservatives need to be prepared for the fight of our lives. We need a solid "REAL" conservative to go head to head with the Clintons. (Personally, I believe Fred Thompson is that Conservative. There is not another conservative among the front runners of the Republican field.)

Pray God, He provides us with that conservative candidate ... and... the good sense to vote for him in vast numbers!


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