Monday, September 17, 2007

Clinton’s Plan Will Cost US Taxpayers 110 Billion a Year to Destroy the World’s Best Healthcare System!

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Attention Readers of INSIGHT on Freedom:
This is NOT the article I had scheduled for today and actually posted earlier this morning. I have substituted this article for today. Right now, today, at this moment, Socilaised Medicine is a greater threat to the freedom and security of Americans than terrorism. Plus, it is in the power of ordinary American citizens to stop it cold in it's tracks. Read on for my thoughts on Socialized Medicine and "HillaryCare Two's" comeback:
Clinton’s Plan Will Cost US Taxpayers 110 Billion a Year to Destroy the World’s Best Healthcare System!

We warned you it was coming… and here it is. Mrs. Bill Clinton is back with HillaryCare… socialized medicine… a mandatory plan, which would force every citizen in the US to have healthcare insurance. Now, we all know some people can’t afford it… so you and I will pick up the tab for that, too.

For more on “HillaryCare Two” go here:

This is socialized medicine folks… and we don’t need it… and we don’t want it. It is “Incrementalism” of the worst kind.

If Clinton has her way all American citizens will participate in the destruction of the finest healthcare system in the world.

This is about far more than Healthcare. This is about freedom. This is about democracy. This is about a US citizen’s right to privacy… and on, and on, and on. Socialized medicine is flat out un-American. It is straight out of the “collective”, a distinct part of the communist belief system. Today we use the kinder, gentler, word socialism in place of communism. But it is the same thing.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to work just as hard, maybe even harder, this time than I did in 1993 -1994 to see that HillaryCare Two is defeated… again!

If you value your freedom… you will, too.

Finally, those of you who slavishly vote for the democrats election after election because you actual think they care about you… there is simply no hope for you. It is reminiscent of the freed slaves who followed after Bill Sherman’s army when he marched through the South, burning everything in sight, as he marched to the sea. The Yankee troops finally built a pontoon bridge across a river and fled across it destroying the bridge as they went stranding the poor, hungry, former slaves on the opposite bank on the river, abandoned. Some drowned trying to swim the river.

The dems are counting on their followers to continue to follow, unthinkingly, Just as those former slaves did… and support this erosion of American liberty and freedom we choose to call “socialized medicine”. Socialism is straight out of the depths of hell and socialized medicine hails from the darkest, deepest, blackest hole at the very bottom of Hades.

Those of you who value your freedom, your liberty, and your health … now is the time to gear up and begin the fight we must make against HillaryCare Two, socialized medicine. We cannot begin too soon. This is a fight for freedom and we cannot allow ourselves to lose even a single battle. “Once again… to the Barricades”!

What does it say when one has to fight against one’s own government to secure one’s liberty and freedom????


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Simon said...

I am not sure about your claim that the USA has the best health care system in the world.

Granted I only know of the shortcomings of your health care system from documentaries such as "Sicko", but the corporate nature of your healthcare system and its isolation of those less fortunate is horrendous.

What Hilary is proposing seems alot like Australias healthcare system called Medicare. All people, regardless of wealth and status have access to basic and important surgeries and health services. We may be one of the highest taxed countries in the world, but a visit to the doctor costs me $55, and the medicare system, with my tax contributions, returns, in most cases $45 of what I have paid.

Hillarycare is not socialism. Its a fair go for all.

Longstreet said...

A couple of things: In America it is about "freedom"... not about fairness". That's one. The other is this.... EVERYBODY GETS MEDICAL TREATMENT IN America. If a sick person shows up at a hospital, with no insurance at all, the doctors and medical staff of that hospital MUST treat them. The cost of that treatment is "pro-rated" out to the paying customers (patients) of that hospital. The uninsured is not charged one single dime. That is FEDERAL LAW in America. Those pushing socialized medicine in America seem, always, to forget to point that inconvenient fact out! Wonder why???

Best regards!


Phil said...

Hi Longstreet,

It looks like you get your share of Troll's shall we say.

You said it right, Socialized anything is Wrong. Even our School's shouldn't be handled by the Government but of course those on the left those Commie Socialist think that they wouldn't have a thing if it wasn't for the Government.

I know this Lady who lives in Canada and she says that the Health Care up there is worthless and it is much like it is in Australia.
To make a long story short if any really sick people in Canada get that sick they are put on a waiting list and guess what happens many don't make it. That is what happens under a Government run health care system. I suggest these Libtards like Simon educate them selves better by learning more about the Free Market of the United States and not from Idiots Like Michael Moore.

reojames said...

PLEASE for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD tell me that there is NO WAY Americans will elect Mrs. Bill Clinton (tha twit) as President....

Debbie said...

I posted on this last night. Heaven forbid she gets elected. Any time the government takes something over, service goes downhill, and price skyrockets. Bad idea.

Longstreet said...

"PLEASE for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD tell me that there is NO WAY Americans will elect Mrs. Bill Clinton (tha twit) as President....
There's a 80% chance she WILL be elected! Speaks volumes about the ignorance of the American electorate and, doesn't it!?

Best regards!


Texas Fred said...

Anyone that hasn't caught on to exactly what OUR healthcare would be under a Hillary dictatorship just needs to look at the sad state of affairs our neighbors to the north suffer...

Socialized medicine is a disaster waiting to happen and Hillary is the right person to bring disaster to the USA...

Don't be stupid folks, do NOT fall for this Hillary BS, she is WORSE, and even more dangerous than Bill was...

Fetiche said...

Any time money is earmarked for a particular product or service, its price goes up. To fail to understand that, you have to be an idiot, or a Democrat. But "I repeat myself."

Frank said...

I have never met a democrat as dumb as George W. Shoot, I never met a vegetable (in both senses of the word) as dumb as W.

Longstreet said...

"I have never met a democrat as dumb as George W. Shoot, I never met a vegetable (in both senses of the word) as dumb as W."
Clearly, you have never heard of Ted Kennedy or John Kerry! HA!