Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney keeps relearning history’s gaffe lessons ... Texas Fred

Romney keeps relearning history’s gaffe lessons   ...   Texas Fred
 Who says Mitt Romney doesn’t worry much about the very poor? That he believes corporations are people, too? That his wife drives two Cadillacs?
 Romney himself, that’s who. When it comes to portraying the Republican nominee as an uncaring, out-of-touch rich guy, he’s his own worst enemy, offering up a bonanza for Democratic attack ads.
 Romney hit the trifecta this time by saying that 47 percent of Americans believe they are victims, think “government has a responsibility to care for them” and are unwilling to step up and support themselves.

He may seem doomed to relearn the same loose-lips lesson over and over again in 2012. But Romney’s far from the first candidate to blunder into a buzz saw of his own words. His rival, President Barack Obama, still hasn’t lived down a similar incident from 2008.
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Romney keeps relearning history’s gaffe lessons
Just when you start to think that a few folks at AP have awakened, come to their senses and are about to engage in a bit of journalistic integrity, you get a story like that above!
When did telling the truth become a gaffe? When you’re telling the truth about The 47% of America that IS the hard-core support base of Barack Hussein Obama.

Mitt Romney told the truth; there is a certain segment of this nation that is unwilling to step up and support themselves. They rely on the U.S. government and the welfare system of whatever state they happen to live in, to provide them with everything.

Food stamps, welfare checks, social security checks, free medical care at the County or State hospital , free education for their children, if the children can be kept in school and out of gangs that is. Many of the recipients of social security are NOT disabled in any way, they have found out that some bleeding heart in government considers them to be at a disadvantage because their one talent in life is being able to give birth to 15-20 kids, all the while *gaming* the system to pay for these children.

Mitt Romney spoke the TRUTH and the press castigates him for it. The only thing Romney didn’t do was point his finger directly at the segment of the population that supports Obama in this manner and name them by name, but I will; the above is not a thing more than a description of the BLACK community in ANY city that still lives in the filth of *da ‘hood* or the ghetto, whatever you want to call it.

Speak truth to facts and see what you get! I can barely contain my joy knowing the names I am going to be called for simply TELLING THE TRUTH.

Yesterday CNBC ran a poll, it has since been taken down apparently, but that poll was answered by 18,213 people and the vast majority of those participants agree with Mitt Romney on his statement about *The 47%*. CNBC Poll: 75% Agree With Romney’s 47% Comments , but the media says Romney committed a gaffe. Go figure.

The people that support Barack Hussein Obama are the WELFARE SLUGS of this nation, the laziest form of human imaginable. They want to live off the sweat of OUR brows, and that is exactly what Obama and company are going to allow them to do!

I would suggest that the American people *grow a set* and lose the inherent PCness that stops many from calling it like it is, from pointing out the obvious, that which we ALL know but so many are afraid to point out for fear of being called a RACIST!

I’m going to let you in on a little something; I speak the truth, I am fed up to the point of being SICK with political correctness and I don’t give a DAMN what people call me.


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