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Will Israel Nuke Iran? ... J. D. Longstreet

Will Israel Nuke Iran?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Now that Obama has turned his back on the people of Israel, there can be no question (at least for THIS scribe) that Obama will lose this election to the republicans.

By forsaking Israel, the Democratic Party has shown its true colors which, I daresay, appear in several shades of yellow in a stripe reaching from the cranium to the coccyx. 

It s a glaring demonstration of racism on the part of Obama and the Democratic Party.  I'm not going to dance around the obvious -- it smacks of anti-Semitism of the highest order.

This is the sort of thing one may expect when there are few, if any, grownups in the White House.

According to debkafile’s military sources: "The Obama administration has put Israel on harsh notice that an attack on Iran to disrupt or delay its nuclear armament will be refused US missile backup - both in the course of the operation and to cover Israel’s back in the event of a counter-strike widening into a general Middle East conflict."

Debkafile goes on to say:  "Obama, who has repeatedly pledged his commitment to Israeli security, is the first American president to cut Israeli adrift against a major threat to its security explicitly posed by Iran."  We urge you to read the entire article.

We learned from the following:  "The Democrat Party has removed a section of its 2008 Party Platform in the 2012 version recently released online -- some key language in expressing support for the state of Israel."  SOURCE:

GOP candidate for President Mitt Romney released the following statement in response to the actions of Obama and the democratic party:  "It is unfortunate that the entire Democratic Party has embraced President Obama’s shameful refusal to acknowledge that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Four years of President Obama’s repeated attempts to create distance between the United States and our cherished ally have led the Democratic Party to remove from their platform an unequivocal acknowledgment of a simple reality. As president, I will restore our relationship with Israel and stand shoulder to shoulder with our close ally."  SOURCE:

So.  The damage has been done and a price will be exacted. 

Obama, in league with Comrade Putin of Russia, has made sure that Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon. In turn, they have also assured that Israel WILL attack Iran.  The only question now, for this scribe, is whether Israel will feel the need to employ their substantial nuclear arsenal against the nuclear facilities of Iran.  I mean -- tactical or strategic nukes could be substituted by Israel for the MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator) deep depth bunker buster bombs the Obama Administration has refused them.

Far from deterring Israel, Obama has all but assured there WILL be a confrontation between Israel and Iran, which will, in all likelihood, envelope the entire Middle East and surely draw the US into the fray within days -- if not hours.

This act of utter lunacy on the part of Obama -- AND the Democratic Party -- may very well be the spark that ignites the region in nuclear war.

Not since the Carter Administration has America had such an incompetent in the White House.  His incompetence may now cost the lives of untold thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of Middle Easterners -- as well as US military personnel.

It is a well known fact that a man, backed against a wall with is life in imminent danger, will fight more fiercely.  He will use whatever means, anything he can lay his hands on, to defend and preserve his life.  Israel is that man with his back against the wall fighting for his life. 

It is clear as crystal that rather than allow Iran to decimate their country, the government of Israel will call on their nuclear warriors to deal a knock-out punch against Iran's bomb making facilities.  Forget bunker busters and suicide missions by IAF pilots.  Forget precision or surgical strikes, just drop the nukes and blow everything to Hades leaving a huge glass-lined crater in the ground.

In Gulf War One when Saddam Hussein shot a few Scuds into Israel,  it is a little known fact that the IDF rolled out their missile launchers loaded with nuclear-tipped missiles and aimed them at Iraq.  Those missiles were deliberated rolled out in full view, in plain sight,  so the US and Iraq could see, plainly, that Israel was going to defend itself with whatever means it had at its disposal.  Do not be surprised if those missiles suddenly roll out in the days ahead.

Six million Jews died when the last American President (A democrat, by the way) sat on his hands while the Jews were in trouble in Europe.  Now another American president, again a democrat, has turned his back on the Jewish people of Israel who have asked for his help to insure their very survival. 

THIS time, however, the Jews of Israel will fight.  "Never Again" is more than an emotional slogan.  They MEAN it. 

Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Putin, should all understand this: 

"Masada will not fall again!"

J. D. Longstreet

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I hope it doesn't come to NUKES, but I'd love to see Tehran laid to ruin...