Thursday, January 18, 2007

Barack vs. Hillary

Why are Democrats flocking to Obama?

'Cause he ain't Hillary!


Frank said...

Because he is not the "same old, same old" that keeps getting in (on both sides). He would be a breath of fresh air, unless you want "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush (Jeb)" to be the sign of things to come. I think he would do this country good in the end. Have you heard him speak about down sizing government? Cutting government payroll (spending)? fiscal responsability (more so that Bill Clinton who was the last president to have a balanced budget). He is a smart man, and an American first kinda guy, down to earth. I know you don't like Edwards, for whatever reason he ran for vice pres. or whatever but he too seems down to earth and that is what we need. I think Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama would be a much better ticket than Mcain/Clinton which in essence is what you'll have otherwise. Think about it ole friend.

Longstreet said...

Jeb is not gonna run this time. He is not nearly conservative enough and his wife is Mexican. We have enough problems with the current Bush's immigration policies as it is!

McCain will only get into the White House with "other than Southern State" votes. He shot his wad, down here, in 2000.