Sunday, January 07, 2007

Will US Civilians Retaliate against Moslems within the US?

(This Post First Ran in July of 2006)
Will US Civilians Retaliate against Moslems within the US?

The short answer is… yes.

When the bombings begin anew and malls, shopping centers, athletic arenas, schools, mass transit systems, and such, come under attack, yes, Americans civilians will begin to fight back.

We Americans believe the right to self defense is God-given and no government can take that from us. We also hold that we have a God-given right to exercise the right of self-defense when we deem it necessary.

Now, nobody wants to say this publicly. We all KNOW it, but nobody wants to say it.

I have been accused of generalizing when I say it is Moslems bombing us. It is hardly generalization when one knows it is ONY Moslems bombing us!

Even with the Left’s drive to disarm Americans, we are still one of the most well armed civilian populations on earth.

Though we appear a plum target for the Islamofacists, it is an appearance, which is deceiving.

It takes a bit of doing to get America’s ire up. But once the anger begins to race thru the national blood stream, we step from behind the fa├žade of peace lovers, to expose our true warrior nature. A nation doesn’t survive, as long as the US has, while being the target of every scumbag and scumbag nation on the planet, by being “Peace Lovers”. We survived by being able, and willing, to rip our enemies throat out.

We are quickly coming to the realization the enemy is among us. We have also learned how to discern the enemy.

Both sides in this war are marked by our religious faiths. Our religion is our uniform.

This is a war about religion. To call it anything else is simply not facing facts. It is Moslems against those of the Judeo-Christians faiths (Jews and Christians).

I’m afraid the day is not far off when the adherents to both religions will go at each other in the streets of the US. It won’t be pretty. A religious war never is. But it IS coming. Some on both sides are looking forward to it.

We have reached a point in our life, as a nation, when a portion of our constitution is working against our very survival. The 1st amendment. It needs changing. We need to remove protection for the practice of all religions and stipulate that the Moslem religion is outlawed in the US. If we don’t, (and we won’t) we will have a huge price to pay.

It is really difficult not to see that it is Moslems who want us dead. Why then, are we allowing Moslems to practice their religion within the borders of the US? I KNOW it is because the constitution says we must. And we have come full circle. It is time to change that.

I have said from day one this is a war, which will last many decades. I have seen nothing to change my mind on that, at all. It is going to get very bloody before it is finally over.

We Americans have met our Carthaginians. The conflict will necessarily end the same way. The Romans utterly destroyed Carthage… burned it to the ground, plowed up the land Carthage had sat upon, and sowed the ground with salt so that nothing would ever grow on that site again.

This is the attitude we must take toward our modern day enemy. We must utterly destroy them.

The planet is no longer big enough for both religions.


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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more, but I don't feel that a war in the streets of the usa would last very long. If 200 million armed Americans took to the streets looking for moslems, I don't feel that it would take very long to round them up. It would be a mess, but maybe a mess is what will clean up this country that is headed down the end path as Rome did. We better wake up fast or we will be in serious trouble.