Sunday, January 28, 2007

Understanding the Enemy While They Kill Us!!!

(This Post First Ran in December of 2006!)
Understanding our Enemy While They Conquer Us!


Is the US going to send a Muslin to represent the people of the US in the United Nations? It sure looks like it right now!

Reports are all over the place that the President is considering Zalmay Khalilzad for the position as US Ambassador to the UN.

Khalilzad is the Ambassador to Iraq and was the US Ambassador to Afghanistan (From which he hails, originally) as well. He has announced his decision to vacate that position very shortly.

Now, this may be all well and good, but I have to tell you that it sticks in my craw! You can call me what you like, but I have extremely strong reservations about appointing a Muslim to ANY position in the US Government... and especially one in which he will be required to work with Muslims from the Middle East, or anywhere else, for that matter.

And before you ask, I do not like the fact that a Muslim has been elected to Congress and I would like to see the Congress refuse to seat him… which they have the authority to do. They won’t … of course.

Look, I take it seriously when my country is attacked. I take it seriously when 3,000 Americans are killed in a senseless, fanatical act, planned and perpetrated by Muslims. And you dare ask why I distrust Muslims???

Just a few days ago we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Japanese SNEAK attack on Pearl Harbor when more than 2,000 Americans were killed. I know I will be condemned for this, but, I think Roosevelt was right to round up Japanese Americans and place them in Internment Camps for the duration. Nowadays, we look back on that era with our superior “politically correct” view of the world, and we condemn Americans for doing what they felt they had to do to protect their families. We choose to forget that judging someone for something what took place three generations ago, by the standards of today, is not only unfair… it is nonsensical! Today the Americans of the 1940‘s are judged the same way my Confederate Ancestors are being judged… by today’s standards. It is patently ridiculous!

When the terror attacks begin again, here in the US, we may well wish we had not condemned those Americans of the 1940’s. At least, THEY took steps to help insure their safety at home.

The Japanese drifted balloon powered firebombs across the Pacific to explode in the great forests of the US Northwest and even attacked American installations in the Aleutian Islands resulting in one of the largest land battles ever fought on American soil by a foreign power. The Germans sank US shipping, just off our Atlantic coastline, and even came close inshore, along the NC coast, an lobbed shells, from the deck gun of their submarine, at fuel storage tanks near the North Carolina beaches. BUT… there were no successful attacks in which 3000 American were slaughtered in a major metropolitan city!

Enemy saboteurs, within the US, were hunted down, rounded up… and shot dead! There was no weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth, while Americans had a national debate over whether or not we needed to “understand our enemies”. That was for another day. The only thing that mattered then, and I submit to you… the only thing, which matters today, is the safety of their/our families. The difference? The Americans of the 1940’s saw their duty and they did it…period! As a result we remained… a free nation.

Now we are at the threshold again… and this time, dear reader, I wouldn’t give you two cents for the chance that American citizens have the stomach for a fight! No, we are too busy trying to “understand our enemies” and too “dull-witted” to understand that the only thing we have at risk here… is our lives and the life of this nation!


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